Auburn is going to win …

Auburn-Tigers-logo… the 2014 Insight Genesis College Cup. Most likely.

Oh, did you think we were talking football?

Although Alabama is ranked #1 in college football and won the Iron Bowl, Auburn University has a commanding lead – most would say insurmountable – in the Insight Genesis College Cup. The Tigers lead the large-team Cup competition with 44,493 acres mapped with Insight Genesis. The runner-up team, Abraham Baldwin, has 17,317 acres. Clemson is in third place with 13,462 acres. Continue reading “Auburn is going to win …”

Get ready to download your Insight Genesis maps directly to your boat, on the water!

GoFREE-store-on-Lowrance-ScreenARROW-TEXTThanks to GoFree technology, anglers and boaters can now download highly detailed Insight Genesis contour maps directly to the Lowrance HDS sonar/GPS units on their boats, while on the water. They can also now upload sonar logs directly from the water to the Insight Genesis Cloud.

An industry-first innovation, the new GoFree Shop has revolutionized the way boaters get mapping content for not only Lowrance HDS units, but also compatible Simrad and B&G chartplotters as well. Not only can download and immediately use Genesis maps via the GoFree Shop, you can also purchase, download and use all Insight and select 3rd-party maps previously available only at retail stores or via download to a land-locked computer. Map data purchased via the GoFree Shop is downloaded to an SD card inserted into your chartplotter.

To open and/or download a step-by-step tutorial on this new GoFree-enabled technology, click this link: How-to-use-Go-Free-on-Lowrance-HDS.

Continue reading “Get ready to download your Insight Genesis maps directly to your boat, on the water!”

One amazingly simple trick will help you find and catch more fish

While the action in this video of a bedding largemouth bass sucking in a drop-shot bait is fascinating, we were excited also to see such great footage of what anglers call a “spot on the spot.” In this case, it’s a transition zone between a hard bottom and soft bottom. (We can extrapolate that a soft bottom exists within the eelgrass, as that species generally takes root in soft sediment.)

We’re not sure how the angler who captured this video footage found this spot, but we’re confident that you can find great spots like this (and catch fish off of them) with one amazingly simple trick – use an Insight Genesis custom contour map in conjunction with your Lowrance StructureScan and 2D sonar.

Fishing success is built on a stool with three essential legs – superior sonar imagery, outstanding StructureScan views, and the most detailed contour maps available. Most anglers already know Lowrance dominates in the first two categories. And word is getting out about Insight Genesis, Lowrance’s superior custom mapping service.

“If you fish a lake that doesn’t have a map, you can use the Lowrance Insight Genesis to build your own map of that lake — which is a pretty cool deal,” says 2014 Bassmaster Angler of the Year Greg Hackney. “Soon, everybody will know that, but now they don’t. So you’ll have the jump on your buddies on your local lake by doing that.” Continue reading “One amazingly simple trick will help you find and catch more fish”