How to download the GoFree Hooked fishing app, sign up and sign in

Text Invite to Hooked App tourney

Download FREE the app for an iPhone HERE.

Download the FREE app for an Android phone HERE.

Did you get a text, email or Social Media message inviting you to compete in a GoFree Hooked live-leaderboard fishing competition? Sounds fun, right? Before you can enroll and compete, you’ll first need to download the GoFree Hooked fishing app on your smartphone, then sign up for a GoFree account and sign in. Good news — it’s all free, it’s available for both iOS and Android phones, and it’s easy to use.

This article provides step-by step directions for finding GoFree Hooked from the app store, downloading it, registering for a GoFree account and signing into the app prior to using it to log fish catches and compete in a live-leaderboard fishing tournament. For step-by-step directions on finding and enrolling in public GoFree Hooked tournaments, read this article. For instructions on how to set up and host a tournament, and invite competitors, read this article. Continue reading

How to create and use an Insight Genesis grass map to catch more and bigger fish

Grass-Vegetation Map LayerGamefish ambush baitfish in both submerged vegetation and along deep weed lines, neither of which are visible to the naked eye in most weather and water conditions. But with a Premium Insight Genesis map, you can easily find and fish both deep weed lines and isolated submerged grass. This article will teach you how.

With a Premium Insight Genesis account, you can create a custom grass map that will overlay on your blue-scaled contour map easy-to-see green patches that show the size and shape of the areas of submerged grass/vegetation you mapped.* Continue reading

To enjoy all Insight Genesis features, update your sonar/GPS unit’s software

Software-update-screenWhen was the last time you updated the software on your boat’s sonar/GPS unit(s)? If you don’t remember, it’s time to install an update!

To enjoy all the Insight Genesis and other GoFree features of which your sonar-GPS unit is capable, you must be running up-to-date software. A recent software upgrade, for example, enables Premium Insight Genesis subscribers to assign custom colors to highlight depth ranges that are of the most interest to them (stay tuned to this blog for for a soon-to-be published how-to article!). Additionally, if your sonar/GPS unit is not running up-to-date software, your Insight Genesis maps will not likely display properly — or not display at all, in some cases. Outdated software can also result in maps that are slow to load and/or slow to refresh as you drive across the water.

Click “Continue reading …” below for step-by-step instructions. Learn better by watching than reading? Watch THIS VIDEO.

Continue reading

How to back up Lowrance HDS waypoints before upgrading software for new Insight Genesis features

06-saved-s-usrWhenever GoFree releases new a feature for Insight Genesis, anglers and boaters must almost always first download and install new software (often also called “firmware”) to enable their Lowrance HDS unit to run the latest and the greatest. A software upgrade this month, for example, allows Insight Genesis Premium account users to set custom color palettes to highlight the depth ranges that are of most interest to them.

But before you upgrade your software/firmware, we recommend you first back-up all of your waypoints, tracks and trails by saving them on an SD card. Continue reading

How to use multiple Insight Genesis maps on your sonar/GPS unit

2-maps-on-same-unit-2-panel-collageA new GoFree feature allows anglers and boaters to use multiple Insight Genesis maps on the same SD card or mini-SD card. This new functionality is available for charts downloaded for free from Insight Genesis Social Map and for custom maps that users create with sonar recordings made with their own Lowrance depthfinders.

“We want to make Insight Genesis maps as easy to use as possible,” says GoFree Vice President Greg Konig. “We know keeping track of multiple SD cards can be difficult, as they are easily misplaced and lost. This advancement allows anglers, cruisers and sailors to keep their Insight Genesis custom maps conveniently stored on the same card, for easy use on the water.”  

microsd-cardPreviously, only one Insight Genesis map could be saved on an SD card for use on the water. Note, however, that multiple maps won’t all display at the same time on your GPS/sonar unit, but they will be easily accessible via the “Chart Options” window in your sonar units’ Chart page. Also, this is a new feature for HDS Gen2 and Gen3 units only, at this time. Continue reading

How to download and load your custom Insight Genesis map(s) into your sonar/GPS unit

DuBay-Offshore-Genesis-4-panel-CollageThe key feature of GoFree’s Insight Genesis service is the ability to make your own contour charts of any waterbody on which you fish, cruise or sail, and use it on the sonar/GPS unit on your boat. For anglers, especially, the benefits are revolutionary — not only can you create custom fishing maps with one-foot contours of waterbodies for which there’s no other map in existence, but you can also improve contour detail on previously mapped waters, and discover and dissect spot-on-the-spot areas overlooked by other anglers.

But before you start catching more and bigger fish with custom Insight Genesis maps, you’ve got to get those maps onto the compatible* Lowrance, Simrad or B&G sonar/GPS unit on your boat. This article will cover the step-by-step process to download to an SD card and load into your sonar/GPS unit the custom maps you’ve made with sonar data you’ve recorded yourself. If you’re not ready yet to record sonar data and create your own custom maps — and would rather download free Insight Genesis Social Map charts community-sourced by other anglers in GoFree’s Insight Genesis community, read this article. Continue reading

How to download a FREE Insight Genesis Social Map chart for fishing, cruising or sailing

Social-Map-CollageOne of the most popular features of Insight Genesis is Insight Genesis Social Map, an online treasury of FREE downloadable maps for waterbodies close to home, across the country and around the world. This article will teach you how to find maps of the waterbodies you’re interested in and how to download those maps for use on the water in your compatible* Lowrance, Simrad or B&G sonar/GPS device.

If you’re new to Insight Genesis, the first thing you might want to do is look to see if any of your favorite waterbodies have already been mapped and are available for download via Social Map. Continue reading