Comment créer des ombrages de couleurs personalisés sur vos cartographies INSIGHT GENESIS 

Custom_Contours-COLLAGE-with-logosLe rêve de tous pêcheurs est de pouvoir identifier très facilement les zones dangereusement peu profondes et trouver rapidement les spots de pêches les plus intéressants.

Tout cela est maintenant possible grâce à une nouvelle fonctionnalité qui permet aux abonnés Premium d’Insight Genesis de personnaliser les palettes de couleurs afin de mettre en évidence plusieurs plages de profondeur sur les cartes Genesis Insight via les sondeurs Lowrance HDS, Elite TI, Simrad Go et NSS et B&G Zeus2 et Vulcan compatibles.*

On dit souvent que 90% des poissons se situent dans 10% du lac. Avec cette nouvelle fonctionnalité, vous serez en mesure d’identifier rapidement ces zones clés en les mettant en évidence sur votre cartographie. Continue reading

How to see bottom-hardness and vegetation layers at the same time on Insight Genesis maps

shot001What if I told you that you could see one-foot contours, bottom-hardness transition zones and submerged vegetation locations on a map on your Lowrance HDS or Simrad sonar/GPS unit* all at the same time? If you answered “That would be a pretty amazing tool to pattern fish with,” you’d be right. And you’d want to start right away mapping your favorite fishing waters with a Premium Insight Genesis account.

The Insight Genesis bottom-hardness map layer** shows the size and shape of hard-bottom areas like gravel patches, clay slicks and shellbeds, making such areas stick out like “Fish Here!” signs on your map. It overlays onto your contour lines a color-coded representation of the size, shape and location of areas of different bottom hardness: dark orange areas show the hardest bottom; a lighter orange indicates the next-hardest bottom; tan is the next-hardest bottom; and pale yellow shows the softest-bottom areas. Learn more Insight Genesis bottom-hardness map layers HERE.

With a Premium Insight Genesis account, you can also create a custom grass/vegetation map that will overlay on your blue-scaled contour map easy-to-see green patches that show the size and shape of the areas of submerged grass/vegetation you mapped.*** Gamefish ambush baitfish in both submerged vegetation and along deep weed lines, neither of which are visible to the naked eye in most weather and water conditions. The Insight Genesis grass/vegetation layer enables you to easily find and fish both deep weed lines and isolated submerged grass. Learn more Insight Genesis grass/vegetation map layers HERE.

Cross Lake Hard-Bottom Screen ShotWhile some other fishing maps might provide one-foot contours, and at least one other outfit offers some sort of bottom-composition map, no other fishing-finding system offers all the patterning information that Insight Genesis does and enables it to work for you on the water in the same way. By loading both a bottom-hardness map and a grass/vegetation map onto your Lowrance or Simrad unit at the same time, you can fish the bottom as confidently as you do the bank, targeting offshore cover and structure that other anglers miss.

But, of course, to use these game-changing map layers, you must first load them into your Lowrance or Simrad unit. The process to load an SD card with both the bottom-hardness layer AND the submerged-vegetation layers involves a few more steps than the process to load a card with just one or the other enhanced layers. This article will teach you how. Continue reading

To enjoy all Insight Genesis features, update your sonar/GPS unit’s software

Software-update-screenWhen was the last time you updated the software on your boat’s sonar/GPS unit(s)? If you don’t remember, it’s time to install an update!

To enjoy all the Insight Genesis and other GoFree features of which your sonar-GPS unit is capable, you must be running up-to-date software. A recent software upgrade, for example, enables Premium Insight Genesis subscribers to assign custom colors to highlight depth ranges that are of the most interest to them (stay tuned to this blog for for a soon-to-be published how-to article!). Additionally, if your sonar/GPS unit is not running up-to-date software, your Insight Genesis maps will not likely display properly — or not display at all, in some cases. Outdated software can also result in maps that are slow to load and/or slow to refresh as you drive across the water.

Click “Continue reading …” below for step-by-step instructions. Learn better by watching than reading? Watch THIS VIDEO.

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