Get ready to download your Insight Genesis maps directly to your boat, on the water!

GoFREE-store-on-Lowrance-ScreenARROW-TEXTThanks to GoFree technology, anglers and boaters can now download highly detailed Insight Genesis contour maps directly to the Lowrance HDS sonar/GPS units on their boats, while on the water. They can also now upload sonar logs directly from the water to the Insight Genesis Cloud.

An industry-first innovation, the new GoFree Shop has revolutionized the way boaters get mapping content for not only Lowrance HDS units, but also compatible Simrad and B&G chartplotters as well. Not only can download and immediately use Genesis maps via the GoFree Shop, you can also purchase, download and use all Insight and select 3rd-party maps previously available only at retail stores or via download to a land-locked computer. Map data purchased via the GoFree Shop is downloaded to an SD card inserted into your chartplotter.

To open and/or download a step-by-step tutorial on this new GoFree-enabled technology, click this link: How-to-use-Go-Free-on-Lowrance-HDS.

GoFREE-imageGoFree, Navico’s newest stand-alone brand, was designed to deliver content and services to boaters in the way they have come to expect from modern electronics – what they want, when and where they want it. Navico, the world’s largest manufacturer of marine electronics, is the parent company of Lowrance, Simrad and B&G brands. GoFree is now the fourth brand under the Navico umbrella.

“There are significant advancements taking place in the world of data, telematics and cloud computing, and we are pleased to be leading this revolution in the marine industry,” says Navico CEO Leif Ottosson. “The benefits of similar strides are visible in both the automotive and aviation markets, and with GoFree, Lowrance, Simrad and B&G will be able to deliver the most user-friendly products, with the most robust content, in the most convenient way.”

Learn more in the video below. (Blog post continues below video player)

GoFREE-exclusively-onGoFree products include all existing Insight maps, Insight Genesis and Insight Genesis Social Map charts, BioBase maps, select Jeppesen and NV Charts, several wireless telematics solutions and a host of mobile apps for iOS and Android products.

GoFree Shop also allows boaters to always be running the most up-to-date operating system with all the latest and greatest features, by providing automatic software-update notifications, direct download and installation. Software updates can be downloaded from the GoFree Shop directly to an SD-card slot in your chartplotter.

To access GoFree Shop on your Lowrance chartplotter, you must first download and install a free, software update available — click HERE for the HDS Gen 2 update; click HERE for the HDS Gen 3 update. HDS Gen 3 units contain a built-in wifi gateway that links to the GoFree store via a Wi-Fi hotspot on a mobile phone or other source, like a marina, lakeside restaurant or fuel station. HDS Gen 2 units can connect with the GoFree store via Wi-Fi hotspot when paired with a Wi-Fi 1 module (learn more about the Wi-Fi 1 accessory HERE).

GoFree Shop is available also for Simrad NSS Evo2 and Simrad NSO Evo2 chartplotters. It will soon be available for B&G Zeus2 series displays.

GoFree Shop website

GoFREE-placardA GoFree Shop website will be launched soon also, giving customers the choice of downloading charts and software from the comfort of home, or from the water. A fast and ultra-convenient resource for discovering and downloading content, the GoFree Shop website will provide instant access to the largest collection of marine maps.

GoFree Shop’s  online store will allow users to browse, purchase and download content for a compatible Lowrance, Simrad and B&G-branded navigational device via memory card or USB flash drive. The GoFree Shop will replace Navico’s existing Insight Store. This will apply to both the chartplotter-based and online versions of the Shop. Existing Insight Store/Insight Genesis login credentials will work to log-in to the GoFree Shop.

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