Record your sonar data to map your favorite lakes

Which map would YOU rather use? Insight Genesis created the detailed map on the right.

Success in most endeavors requires a good map. Successful fishing, however, takes a great map.

Modern sonar and cloud-computing (web-based) technologies are giving you, the angler, virtual eyes underwater; empowering you to create your own maps at the level of detail you need to successfully locate and catch fish. Simply by logging your sonar from your .sl2 compatible Lowrance or Simrad unit while deliberately covering water, or passively while you fish, you have the raw ingredients to create your own custom map.  The process of creating your own map involves 3 easy steps (Record, Upload, Download) that you can review at your leisure at Lowrance’s Insight Store or YouTube (search “Lowrance Insight Genesis.”)

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How to sign up for a free C-MAP Genesis account: Step-by-step instructions

After hearing anglers everywhere — including 2016 Bassmaster Classic Champion Edwin Evers — talking about how much easier it is to find and catch fish using C-MAP Genesis custom contour maps, you’re likely asking yourself “How do I get in on this?”

The first step to creating your own custom C-MAP Genesis (formerly known as “Insight Genesis”) contour maps* is to register for a free C-MAP Genesis account. This article provides easy-to-follow directions to do so.

Our innovative DIY-mapping service, C-MAP Genesis empowers anglers to easily create more accurate fishing maps – complete with one-foot contours — of their favorite fishing waters. Custom C-MAP Genesis maps are created via cloud computing from sonar data recorded with the compatible sonar/GPS unit on your own boat.* Continue reading “How to sign up for a free C-MAP Genesis account: Step-by-step instructions”