FLW College Nat’l Championship contender explains benefits of Insight Genesis maps


FLW’s Chris Jones enjoys a laugh with Auburn University’s Ben Curry and Timmy Ward, and Eastern Kentucky’s Kyle Raymer and Ehan Snyder at the final takeoff for the FLW College Fishing National Championship on Lake Murray. (Photo courtesy FLW)

Auburn University’s Tim Ward, a contender with teammate Ben Curry for the 2015 FLW College National Championship underway today on South Carolina’s Lake Murray, explains in the video below how GoFREE’s Insight Genesis custom maps can help you find fish-holding stucture that other anglers miss.

Ward and Curry are fishing today in the championship round of the FLW College Fishing National Championship presented by Lowrance Insight Genesis College Cup. Insight Genesis is GoFree’s revolutionary custom mapping program that empowers anglers to create custom fishing maps from sonar data recorded with a compatible Lowrance sonar unit on their own boats.*

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GoFREE launches Map& Win! program at FLW College Championship

FLW-College-Natl-Champ-Registration-COLLAGEThursday, April 15, 2015 – If the team that wins the FLW College Fishing National Championship this week maps its winning spot with Insight Genesis, it will walk off the weigh-in stage with more hardware than just the tournament trophy – it will also win a Lowrance HDS-12 Gen-2 Touch sonar/GPS fish-finder.

That’s the prize in GoFREE’s new Map & Win! contingency-award program for contestants in the Insight Genesis College Cup. GoFREE is the newest brand from Navico, parent company of Lowrance, Simrad and B&G. Insight Genesis is GoFree’s revolutionary custom mapping program exclusive to Lowrance, Simrad and B&G sonar/GPS units. College Cup is a year-long contest in which FLW and B.A.S.S. collegiate anglers can win thousands of dollars’ worth of Lowrance HDS Gen-2 Touch units by logging sonar data used to create custom fishing charts with one-foot contours, a vegetation-map layer and a bottom-hardness map. To claim the prize, a College Cup-registered angler must win an FLW or B.A.S.S. college fishing tournament after mapping 100 acres or more of the tournament waters with Insight Genesis.

“Mapping your spots while graphing them in practice already pays off for College Cup anglers, in terms of locating humps and holes, ditches and drains, submerged vegetation and hard-bottom sweet spots that other fishing maps just don’t show,” says GoFREE’s Greg Huff, a custom-mapping expert. “The Map & Win! contingency program creates yet another pay-off for mapping your own success – an HDS-12 Gen2 Touch unit!” Continue reading

Get there and back in bayous and ‘Glades with maps from GoFree Shop

Standard-Mapping-CollageIf you do any fishing, hunting, boating, shrimping, crabbing, crawfishing or frogging in southern Louisiana or southern Florida, punch up the GoFree Shop and download a Standard Mapping aerial chart.

“The details are amazing,” says angler Don Bailey of Standard Mapping’s charts. “Creek openings not five-feet wide are discernable. … Not only did I keep one [to prevent from] getting lost, but they were the best way to locate ‘fishy’ looking spots. I can’t tell you how many times I found fish – good fish – in spots that simply riding around would have taken years to find!”

No matter what outdoor activity is your passion, if you pursue it in southern Louisiana or southern Florida, you’ll find what you’re looking for with a Standard Mapping aerial chart. Most importantly, Standard Mapping’s charts – which work exclusively in Lowrance, Simrad and B&G sonar/GPS units – show the fastest and safest way to where you want to go – and how to get back.

“In Louisiana, specifically, everything looks exactly the same out thSlider_301_onscreenere,” says Standard Mapping owner and founder Glenn Schurr. “Once you leave the dock, there is nothing for you to reference – no mountains, no treelines, no nothing. And every blade of grass, every drop of water, looks the same, no matter where you are. You could be in six inches of water, six feet of water or 60 feet of water and there’s no way to tell where you’re heading. Standard Mapping solved that problem for people around here.” Continue reading

Map from GoFreeShop.com helps Shaw Grigsby in Major League Fishing

SHREVEPORT, LA — Major League Fishing competitor Shaw Grigsby explains in the video below how the maps on his Lowrance HDS units were instrumental in helping him fish Louisiana’s challenging Caddo Lake in Elimination Round 1 of Major League Fishing’s 2015 Challenge Cup. The home for fishing maps exclusive to Lowrance, Simrad and B&G sonar/GPS units is now GoFreeShop.com. (Article continues below video player)

MLF’s Louisiana competition begins on the heels of a severe thunderstorm system that rolled through northwestern Louisiana with copious rains, hail and even a tornado sighting or two, more than enough bad weather to cancel the day’s fishing and push it to the following morning. That left Grigsby and the other Elimination Round #1 anglers facing bluebird skies, cool early morning temperatures and the potential for rising and muddy water. Continue reading

GoFreeShop.com is now open for business

GoFree, the brand that brought you Insight Genesis, has launched a new website, GoFreeShop.com. A one-stop shop for purchasing and downloading marine maps and apps, the GoFree Shop offers boaters and anglers access from both their personal computers and the compatible Lowrance, Simrad or B&G sonar/GPS unit on their boat, from the water.

GoFreeShop.com replaces the Insight Store, so existing Insight Genesis users will now access their trips and merges through a dashboard accessiable at GoFreeShop.com. Your Insight Genesis dashboard will look almost identical as it did before, it will simply reside at a different url and be accessed through a different login process.

The GoFree Shop home page looks like this:


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Almost 300 register for College Cup at FLW Kentucky Lake Open


On registration day for the March 20-21 FLW College Fishing Open on Kentucky Lake, an angler signs up to compete in the Insight Genesis College Cup. (Photo courtesy FLW Outdoors)

GILBERTSVILLE, KY – A whopping 296 anglers registered for the Insight Genesis College Cup this weekend at the FLW College Fishing Open on Kentucky Lake.

A record-setting 194 teams showed up for the FLW College Fishing Open, reported Tournament Director Kevin Hunt, making it the largest collegiate-fishing event ever. “Teams from every corner of the country are represented here, with squads from as far away as Eastern Washington University,” FLW said in a press release.

A vast majority of the anglers on those teams are now registered to compete in the Insight Genesis College Cup. Insight Genesis is GoFree’s revolutionary mapping program for Lowrance sonar/GPS units. College Cup is a year-long contest in which FLW and B.A.S.S. collegiate anglers compete to win thousands of dollars’ worth of Lowrance HDS sonar/GPS units. Continue reading

Go fishing on Lake Lanier for a chance to win a Lowrance HDS-7 Gen-3 Touch

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Want to win a free Lowrance HDS Gen 3 Touch sonar/GPS unit? Go fishing on Lake Lanier!

And be sure to record sonar logs when you do. The angler that uploads the most acres of Lake Lanier sonar data to Insight Genesis between March 6 and March 28 will win the grand prize in the Insight Genesis Lake Lanier Challenge – a Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 Touch unit with transducer.

HDS-7_Gen3The grand prize will be awarded on March 29 after a day-long Insight Genesis Lake Lanier Mapping Party & Big Fish Bash, sponsored by Lowrance and GoFree. The angler who catches the biggest bass during the event will win an HDS-7 Gen3 Touch with transducer. To be eligible to win the grand prize, upload your Lake Lanier sonar data to Insight Genesis before March 28 and participate in the March 29 Mapping Party. Continue reading