Merge sonar logs from multiple trips for complete maps

To ensure quick uploads and prevent file corruption, makers of C-MAP Genesis custom lake maps can record several smaller sonar-log files while on the water, then merge those logs later into a master lake map.

Depending on the size of the lake, creek arm or river section you’re mapping, you can create a complete, custom contour map from multiple sonar logs recorded in a single day or over multiple days, and with no complicated computer programming required by you – C-MAP Genesis’ innovative Cloud-based processors do all the work. That’s one of the many benefits of a Genesis Edge subscription over a free account. Other benefits include custom bottom-hardness and vegetation-location maps. (Blog post continues after images below)

Nine Trip Collage
Before …
… After

Follow these easy steps to merge multiple sonar log files into a master map:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. In the box titled “Trips” on your dashboard page, hover your cursor until the blue “GO TO YOUR TRIP LIST” button appears and then click that button (see image below).
  3. In the dashboard that opens, look in the “My Uploads” column for the name of the waterbody for which you are interested in creating a merged map
  4. Clicking the name of the waterbody will open a list of all the sonar files you’ve uploaded for that waterbody — click the “View Trip” button for any of the files you’d like included in your merged map
  5. Clicking “View Trip” will open a C-MAP Genesis map of the area you covered … Sonar Review pane
  6. Click the “Merge” tab in your interactive Genesis viewer to see a list of your sonar logs from the same water body, organized by date.
  7. Select the files you’d like to merge by checking the boxes and clicking “Merge.”
  8. Watch your email in-box. You’ll receive an email when the Genesis processors are done merging your data into a single, custom map.

Upload speeds depend on sonar log size and your Internet connection speed. Map-creation speed is based on the size of your logs files and total data size. The size of the water body might also be a factor. Recording multiple, smaller sonar-log files can provide better results, especially for Genesis users with slower Internet connection speeds. Click over to this blog post for tips for recording smaller sonar-log files.

10 thoughts on “Merge sonar logs from multiple trips for complete maps

    1. Tim: To merge more than 12 trips into a master map, you’ll want to upgrade from a free account to a Premium account. A Premium account will also give you bottom-hardness and submerged vegetation-location map layers — very powerful tools for identifying and expanding on successful patterns.

  1. if I’ll want to upgrade from a free account to a Premium account I can upload and merge old sonar logs with a date before the date of upgrade?

  2. Are both legacy sonar trips and the new sonar trips dated 2018 (already uploaded) available to merge into a single map with an upgrade to the premium version?

  3. Hi Greg I have about 19 hours of the same water body uploaded to my Insight subscription now so the merge files are stating to get bigger and take longer to process, Do I have to merge the whole lot each time to create a new merge (which I dont think will scale to our water body or can I just add the new ones. Also how does the merge relate to the map generated if at all
    Best Wishes

    1. Mark, any time you record new files on the same waterbody and want to add them to create a more-complete map of the waterbody, you must create a new merge that includes all your files. Unfortunately, the process that enables you to merge trips into a map does not work in a way that new trips can simply be added to an existing merge. — Regards, Greg Huff

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