Need Smaller Files for Upload to Genesis?

HDSWe’ve heard from a few users that files are getting big and take a long time to upload to their C-MAP Genesis account.  It’s true that more data is better and you could lose some advance functionality, but all map layers can be created by the 200kHz signal.  Our algorithms look at all information available and Genesis will even provide trip replay with both the required 200 kHz signal and 455/800 Downscan when available, but smaller files can be much more manageable for slow connection upload speeds.  The current upload tool compresses all sonar log files so the upload is faster, but there’s a lot of information in there and files are still very large.

Here are a couple quick hints to reduce file sizes and make your uploads easier:

  • (1) Create Smaller Files – Stop recording every hour or so and start a new file.  All files to the same water body can be merged together, so it won’t affect your map outputs.  We starting a new file each time you move to a new spot.  Smaller files upload much faster and you can reduce the risk of a corruption and loss of a full day of data collection.
  • (2) Don’t Log All Channels – If you’re an HDS user with StructureScan and log all channels you are actually logging the 200 kHz signal, Downscan, and both left and right channels of SideScan.  That’s four channels.   If you don’t check the “Log All Channels” box you’ll just record traditional 200 kHz sonar, the required channel for vegetation and hardness mapping.  You’ll cut your file size by 75%.
  • (3) Reduce Your Ping Rate –  Turn down your ping rate to about 10 and you can cut your file size in half from the max ping rate recording of about 20PPS.  A further 50% reduction in file size.

So, if you’d like to reduce your file size to help with uploads but still want to map with C-MAP Genesis give the suggestions above a try.  Files created by logging all channels at max ping rate can be reduced to 12.5% of normal size by logging just the traditional 200 kHz and reducing ping speed from MAX to 10PPS.  A 1GB file would turn into 125MBs.  That will upload in a flash.  Not Bad!  Let us know if these work for you.

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