“I signed up for a free Insight Genesis account … Now what?”

gofreemarine.com-insight-genesis Page ScreengrabAnglers everywhere are talking about how much easier it is to find fish with Insight Genesis custom contour maps, so you went online and signed up for a free account. “So … now what?” you may be asking yourself. “How do I get started?”

This article will walk you through all the basics of getting started with Insight Genesis.

How to log in to your Insight Genesis Dashboard

The first thing you’re going to want to do is go to the website at gofreemarine.com/insight-genesis and open your Insight Genesis dashboard. Follow these steps to log in to your Insight Genesis dashboard:

  • 1. Open a compatible web browser on your computer.
    • chrome-logoIf you are on a PC, we suggest you use Chrome
      • If you do not currently have Chrome installed, you can download a PC version from HERE.
    • If you are on a Mac, you should use Chrome or Firefox
      • Firefox-LogoIf you do not currently have Chrome installed, you can download a Mac version from HERE.
      • If you do not currently have Firefox installed, you can download a Mac version from HERE.
  • GoFREE-placard2. Click THIS LINK, or type this url into your browser’s address bar: http://www.gofreemarine.com/insight-genesis
    • Question: What is GoFree? And what does it have to do with Insight Genesis? And how does Lowrance, Simrad and B&G figure into this?
      • Answer: GoFree is the newest brand from Navico, parent company of Lowrance, Simrad and B&G. Insight Genesis is to GoFree as HDS is to Lowrance. Powered by GoFree’s cloud processing, Insight Genesis is exclusive to Lowrance, Simrad and B&G sonar/GPS units.
  • 3. While on the page at http://www.gofreemarine.com/insight-genesis, click the green “LOG IN” button (as seen in the image below)
    • In the first text-entry box, type the email address you provided when you first created your account
    • In the second text-entry box, type the password you provided when you first created your account
      • NOTE: If you signed up for your account at an event or retail store and did not provide a password at the time, your temporary password will most likely be password1 (you can change this temporary password after you login)
  • 4. Now click the purple “Login” button.
  • 5. Your Insight Genesis dashboard will show three displays at the top: “My Uploads,” “Merged Uploads” and “Promo Uploads.”
    • If you have not yet uploaded any recorded sonar data, you will not see any entries under “My Uploads” or “Merged Uploads.” However, most users will see several entries under the “Promo Uploads” tab — these are sonar logs recorded and uploaded by Lowrance staffers, included to give you samples to review and experiment with before you record and upload your own sonar logs.04 Dashboard_Promo_Uploads
    • You can open any of the “Promo Uploads” files and review both the map created during the trip, and a real-time replay of what displayed on your 200 kHz (2D) sonar scree during the trip. (To learn more about downloading and using a “Promo Upload” chart, read THIS article.)

Are you ready yet to record and upload your own sonar data on your favorite waterbody? Read THIS article, or watch the video below:

Note: The most-recent software updates for Lowrance HDS Gen2 Touch and HDS Gen3 units feature a slightly different user-interface than was shown in the previous video. To review the sonar-log-recording steps for updated HDS Gen2 and Gen3 units, watch the video below:

Ready to download an Insight Genesis Social Map chart and use it on your boat? Click THIS LINK for step-by step instructions.

Keep an eye on this blog for more articles about how to use Insight Genesis to make and use custom contour charts.

5 thoughts on ““I signed up for a free Insight Genesis account … Now what?”

  1. Do you save sonar logs onto mapping chips like Lake Insight or do you log on separate micro SD chip?

    1. It’s best to save your files to a blank SD card, but for anglers using units with single card slots, that is not possible if you are using your Lake Insight card for navigation while mapping. You CAN save sonar logs to a Lake Insight card, but if it’s a card you bought from the store, there will not be much room to save data. However, if you purchase your Lake Insight files online from the gofreeshop.com, you download the files to a larger SD card than is neccesary, thus giving you more extra room to save sonar-log files.

  2. I can’t generate my saved sonar loged map to my sd card in map generation folder if i click my chart plotter it logs out of insight genesis what could be the problem?

    1. I will ask our troubleshooting team to look into this. What email address do you use to access Insight Genesis? — Greg H

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