Imagine the huge bass you’d catch with this giant craw trailer!

Giant_LobsterOK, so that’s not really a craw, it’s a lobster – a giant one! But just imagine how giant the bass would be that could crush a crustacean bait that big. Talk about a lunker!

The giant lobster in the photo weighs nearly 12 pounds and is estimated to be a whopping 70 years old, reports the Huffington Post. Biologist Forrest Galante, 26, caught the extra-large lobster while freediving near Anacapa Island on Oct. 6, according to the report.

Just as lobsters and crawfish (crayfish, crawdads, mud bugs, etc) look similar, they share another trait too — they live on and around offshore hard-bottom areas. That’s a big part of why “a bass loves a hard spot,” as explained by 2014 Bassmaster Angler of the Year Greg Hackney, who uses Lowrance electronics to help find and catch giants and win tournaments. (Caught any giants yourself? Post your photos on the Insight Genesis Facebook page!)

We can’t say for sure how Galante found the spot where the giant lobster lived, but we’re confident that you can find offshore hard-bottom areas where big bass are likely to bite a craw-imitating bait by using an Insight Genesis custom contour map in conjunction with your Lowrance StructureScan and 2D sonar. Continue reading

Get on top of fish under the ice with Insight Genesis maps

Glorvigens-Ice-Genesis-COLLAGECustom contour maps made on open water this summer will help you catch fish through the hardwater this winter.

“Insight Genesis is a great tool to help you locate and catch more fish during the hard-water season,” says leading walleye pro Scott Glorvigen. “We’ve got fish on the electronics here and we’ve been catching fish this morning.”

Scott and his twin brother, Marty, are filming a video segment for Wired2Fish on this day. Prior to putting fish on the ice, they spent some time scouting hot spots, driving around on a frozen northern Minnesota lake, studying a custom-made Insight Genesis fishing map on a Lowrance HDS Gen2 sonar/GPS unit mounted above the handlebars of an ATV.

“I’ve got my [Insight Genesis] mapping on that unit and go on the ice just like I would be on open water with my boat,” Scott explains.

Insight Genesis is an innovative service that empowers anglers to make custom contour charts of un-mapped and poorly mapped bodies of water, as well as precisely determine, define, dial in, and dissect small spot-on-the-spot areas on well-mapped waters. The one-foot contours on custom Insight Genesis maps are much more detailed and accurate than the computer-estimated contour lines on many digital charts that come on off-the-shelf map chips.

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Auburn is going to win …

Auburn-Tigers-logo… the 2014 Insight Genesis College Cup. Most likely.

Oh, did you think we were talking football?

Although Alabama is ranked #1 in college football and won the Iron Bowl, Auburn University has a commanding lead – most would say insurmountable – in the Insight Genesis College Cup. The Tigers lead the large-team Cup competition with 44,493 acres mapped with Insight Genesis. The runner-up team, Abraham Baldwin, has 17,317 acres. Clemson is in third place with 13,462 acres. Continue reading

Get ready to download your Insight Genesis maps directly to your boat, on the water!

GoFREE CollageWith the launch of Navico’s new GoFree Shop, boaters and anglers will soon be able to download highly detailed Insight Genesis contour maps directly to select sonar/GPS chartplotters onboard their boats. They will also be able to upload sonar logs directly from the water to the Insight Genesis Cloud.

An industry-first innovation, GoFree Shop will revolutionize the way boaters get mapping content for compatible Lowrance, Simrad and B&G chartplotters. Not only will you be able to download and immediately use Genesis maps via the GoFree Shop, you will also be able to purchase, download and use all Insight and select 3rd-party maps previously available only at retail stores or via download to a land-locked computer. Map data purchased via the GoFree Shop will be downloaded to an SD card inserted into your chartplotter. Continue reading

One amazingly simple trick will help you find and catch more fish

While the action in this video of a bedding largemouth bass sucking in a drop-shot bait is fascinating, we were excited also to see such great footage of what anglers call a “spot on the spot.” In this case, it’s a transition zone between a hard bottom and soft bottom. (We can extrapolate that a soft bottom exists within the eelgrass, as that species generally takes root in soft sediment.)

We’re not sure how the angler who captured this video footage found this spot, but we’re confident that you can find great spots like this (and catch fish off of them) with one amazingly simple trick – use an Insight Genesis custom contour map in conjunction with your Lowrance StructureScan and 2D sonar.

Fishing success is built on a stool with three essential legs – superior sonar imagery, outstanding StructureScan views, and the most detailed contour maps available. Most anglers already know Lowrance dominates in the first two categories. And word is getting out about Insight Genesis, Lowrance’s superior custom mapping service.

“If you fish a lake that doesn’t have a map, you can use the Lowrance Insight Genesis to build your own map of that lake — which is a pretty cool deal,” says 2014 Bassmaster Angler of the Year Greg Hackney. “Soon, everybody will know that, but now they don’t. So you’ll have the jump on your buddies on your local lake by doing that.” Continue reading

You won’t believe what this angler found when mapping a reservoir with Insight Genesis!

Holloway unidentified objectSavvy anglers already know to use Insight Genesis custom mapping to discover previously hidden fish-holding structure. But sometimes when mapping a lake, you find a lot more than you expected – like two stolen vehicles!

On Oct. 11, while hosting an Insight Genesis mapping party and fish-finder training seminar on Michigan’s Holloway Reservoir, Lowrance Pro-Staffer Lance Valentine saw something odd on his HDS Gen 2 Touch unit’s StructureScan display. Although it resided on the lake bottom, it did not look like a natural hump or rockpile – the type of fish-holding structure he was making a custom map of with Insight Genesis. Continue reading

Fish open water this fall to catch winter fish through the ice


“Insight Genesis offers several fish-finding tools that are simply not available with any other flasher/depth finder system on the market,” says Lowrance Pro-Staffer Reid Miller.

A tool designed for open-water fishing will help you pull more fish through the ice this winter – Insight Genesis, Lowrance’ custom lake-mapping service.

“Insight Genesis offers several fish-finding tools that are simply not available with any other flasher/depth finder system on the market,” says Lowrance Pro-Staffer Reid Miller. “It’s an extraordinary tool, which I’m using extensively in the open-water season to improve my ice-fishing success this winter.”

Insight Genesis is the innovative, online service that empowers anglers to create custom lake maps from sonar data recorded with the Lowrance sonar unit on their own boats. If you record sonar logs while fishing from the boat in the late fall, the maps you create will help you find fish through the ice in the winter. Continue reading