Major League mapping!

Edwin Evers was one of several MLF competitors who recorded sonar logs while competing in Maine in order to update existing Lowrance Insight maps with even greater detail via Insight Genesis. (Photo courtesy Major League Fishing)

When Major League Fishing left Maine, the anglers took memories of exciting, fish-catching action on beautiful natural lakes full of bass. They left sonar data to improve fishing maps for those lakes.

“There’s not even a Navionics [map] for this lake,” said Lowrance Pro Team angler Edwin Evers before an MLF elimination round on of the many picturesque bass fisheries in Maine’s Belgrade Lakes region, near Waterville. “I’m going to be sonar-logging, so there’s going to be lots of information for you to use.”

Evers was one of several MLF competitors who recorded sonar logs while competing in Maine in order to update existing Lowrance Insight maps with even greater detail via Insight Genesis. Savvy anglers use Lowrance’s free Insight Genesis service to make custom contour maps of un-mapped bodies of water, improve contour detail on previously mapped waters, and to discover and dissect spot-on-the-spot areas on fish-holding structure.

“Folks, I’m telling you, get involved with Insight Genesis,” says Lowrance Pro Team angler Ish Monroe. “It’s going to make your fishing a whole lot better, because you can create your own maps and you’ll get a lot of information that you never had before on a lake that might not have any maps on it.” Continue reading “Major League mapping!”

Imagine the huge bass you’d catch with this giant craw trailer!

Giant_LobsterOK, so that’s not really a craw, it’s a lobster – a giant one! But just imagine how giant the bass would be that could crush a crustacean bait that big. Talk about a lunker!

The giant lobster in the photo weighs nearly 12 pounds and is estimated to be a whopping 70 years old, reports the Huffington Post. Biologist Forrest Galante, 26, caught the extra-large lobster while freediving near Anacapa Island on Oct. 6, according to the report.

Just as lobsters and crawfish (crayfish, crawdads, mud bugs, etc) look similar, they share another trait too — they live on and around offshore hard-bottom areas. That’s a big part of why “a bass loves a hard spot,” as explained by 2014 Bassmaster Angler of the Year Greg Hackney, who uses Lowrance electronics to help find and catch giants and win tournaments. (Caught any giants yourself? Post your photos on the Insight Genesis Facebook page!)

We can’t say for sure how Galante found the spot where the giant lobster lived, but we’re confident that you can find offshore hard-bottom areas where big bass are likely to bite a craw-imitating bait by using an Insight Genesis custom contour map in conjunction with your Lowrance StructureScan and 2D sonar. Continue reading “Imagine the huge bass you’d catch with this giant craw trailer!”

Ten anglers map uncharted Manitoba fishery in one day

In the land of Mounties, maple syrup, hockey and big fish, Lowrance pro-staffer Bill Corrigal recently conducted a mapping party on Falcon Lake in southern Manitoba.  His crew of volunteers split the lake into square 1-mile grids and each angler took some time to gather sonar data with their Lowrance Elite and HDS units.  All of the data was uploaded to Insight Genesis and automatically processed by the powerful servers to create a map.  Not only did they create the best map on the face of the planet for Falcon Lake, they’re sharing it with everyone via Insight Genesis Social Map — a great thing for the Winnipeg fishing community!  To view the Social Map for Falcon Lake create a free account here:  Insight Genesis

Falcon Lake split into 1mile  grids for community mapping
Falcon Lake split into 1-mile grids for community mapping

Corrigal’s crew of 10 volunteers in eight boats nearly surveyed the entire lake in one day. Promoted through the Fishin’ Hole Canada in conjunction with the Canadian Mapping Challenge (one lucky winner will win an all-expenses-paid trip to fish in beautiful British Columbia) news spread quickly that the future of lake mapping was underway on Falcon. Great job guys!  Continue reading “Ten anglers map uncharted Manitoba fishery in one day”