Insight Genesis in 3 Easy Steps

You can create a custom lake map in three easy steps with Insight Genesis. Yes, it’s really that simple! Three easy steps!

1. Record sonar data with your Lowrance or Simrad multi-function unit.

2. Upload the data to your online account.

3. Log into your account and view your maps, which are created automatically.

When the road makes underwater structure . . . map it!
When the road makes underwater structure . . . map it!

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How to map a waterbody with C-MAP Genesis

Best Settings COLLAGE FACEBOOKTo make the best possible C-MAP Genesis* custom contour map of your favorite lake, pond, reservoir creek arm or river section, drive your boat pretty slowly, make shore-to-shore up-and-back trips spaced pretty closely together, and record small sonar logs with the correct settings dialed in on your Lowrance, Simrad or B&G GPS/chartplotter.  Mapping is really based on your objectives-better maps at slower speeds and closer boat paths.

Following are all the details in a handy Best Practices Guide you can print, put in a Ziploc bag, and store in your boat.

* Formerly known as “Insight Genesis”

Logging speed

Recommended Speed –10 mph or less on lakes, reservoirs and rivers for all three layers (1-foot contours, submerged vegetation and bottom-hardness)

Maximum Speeds for Desired Outputs:
  • Just 1-foot Contours – Less than 19.5 mph
  • Contours, vegetation, and hardness – Less than 9.5 mph

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And the winner is ….

The winner in the Insight Genesis-Mystery Tackle Box Sweepstakes is Darryl Duff. Congratulations, Darryl!

Darryl has won a one-year subscription to Mystery Tackle Box and a one-year Premium subscription to Insight Genesis.

Chosen at random, this was Darryl’s winning entry: “The best tool in my tackle box today is my trusty Baby Brush Hog. But when I hit the water with Insight Genesis and my new Mystery Tacklebox baits, I’ll out-fish Lee Miller and Michele Lonis Duff every time.

While we believe Insight Genesis custom maps are as important to catching more fish as any tool in your tackle box, we understand the desire to collect all the latest and greatest tackle available. With his Mystery Tackle Box subscription, Darryl will get a box of baits delivered to his door once a month for a year.

Stay tuned for a new give-away soon!

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Are you ready to see what you’ve been missing in the water you fish? Are you ready to see everything?

Even frequent users of Lowrance electronics will tell you – in hushed tones, after swearing you to secrecy – that although they love their HDS units, they don’t know how to use all the fish-finding features packed into them. “Don’t worry,” we tell them, “you’re not the only one!” We’ve even heard longtime touring bass pros say they don’t know how to use every feature in their Lowrance unit, and that if they’d take the time to learn to use them better, they’d probably finish better in tournaments.

So we’re offering free 1-on-1 training sessions from Lowrance pro-staffers on how to best set up your Lowrance electronics to find and catch fish, including training on Insight Genesis custom mapping.


How to upload sonar files to C-MAP Genesis with a Mac or PC

You can upload recorded sonar data to the C-MAP Genesis cloud for processing with both Mac and PC computers.

Using the web-upload tool, you can upload sonar-log files directly from your account’s dashboard, eliminating the need to download and install a desktop application. Mac users must use the web-upload tool. PC users can use the web-upload tool or the Windows-based desktop upload tool. This article provides step-by-step instructions for using both upload methods.  Continue reading “How to upload sonar files to C-MAP Genesis with a Mac or PC”

Ten anglers map uncharted Manitoba fishery in one day

In the land of Mounties, maple syrup, hockey and big fish, Lowrance pro-staffer Bill Corrigal recently conducted a mapping party on Falcon Lake in southern Manitoba.  His crew of volunteers split the lake into square 1-mile grids and each angler took some time to gather sonar data with their Lowrance Elite and HDS units.  All of the data was uploaded to Insight Genesis and automatically processed by the powerful servers to create a map.  Not only did they create the best map on the face of the planet for Falcon Lake, they’re sharing it with everyone via Insight Genesis Social Map — a great thing for the Winnipeg fishing community!  To view the Social Map for Falcon Lake create a free account here:  Insight Genesis

Falcon Lake split into 1mile  grids for community mapping
Falcon Lake split into 1-mile grids for community mapping

Corrigal’s crew of 10 volunteers in eight boats nearly surveyed the entire lake in one day. Promoted through the Fishin’ Hole Canada in conjunction with the Canadian Mapping Challenge (one lucky winner will win an all-expenses-paid trip to fish in beautiful British Columbia) news spread quickly that the future of lake mapping was underway on Falcon. Great job guys!  Continue reading “Ten anglers map uncharted Manitoba fishery in one day”

Nothing to see here … Or Is there? Better check a better fishing map!

UpperCullen-Navionics-RedCircleEDITEDIf you rely only on off-the-shelf digital maps, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on some of the best fish-holding structure on your lake. Custom-made Insight Genesis maps, however, clearly identify the best fishing spots.

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