How to download a FREE C-MAP Genesis Social Map chart for fishing, cruising or sailing

Social-Map-CollageOne of the most popular features of C-MAP Genesis is Social Map, an online database of FREE downloadable maps for waterbodies close to home, across the country and around the world. This article will teach you how to find maps of the waterbodies you’re interested in and how to download those maps for use on the water in your compatible* sonar/GPS device.

If you’re new to C-MAP Genesis, the first thing you might want to do is check if any of your favorite waterbodies have already been surveyed and have a chart available for free download from Social Map. Continue reading “How to download a FREE C-MAP Genesis Social Map chart for fishing, cruising or sailing”

How to install the Insight Genesis Upload Tool on a PC

After hearing anglers everywhere — including 2017 Bassmaster Classic Champion Jordan Lee — talking about how much easier it is to find and catch fish using C-MAP Genesis custom contour maps, you’re likely asking yourself “How do I get in on this?”

Log Upload OptionsThe first step to creating your own custom C-MAP Genesis contour maps* is to record sonar logs created from the soundings from the transducer on your own boat (Click HERE to learn how to do that). The second step is to register for a free C-MAP Genesis account (Click HERE to do that). The third step is to upload your recorded sonar logs to the C-MAP Genesis cloud for review in your C-MAP Genesis dashboard. This article provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions to do that on a PC computer. Mac people will use the Web Upload tool — to learn how, click HERE.

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Pro tip: Map all the spots you graph in tournament practice

When you graph potential hot spots in practice for a fishing tournament, you should also map them and waypoint every fish you catch and/or shake-off. Overlaying your waypoints on the Insight Genesis bottom-hardness and vegetation layers will help clue you in on a productive pattern and allow you to run that pattern faster and more precisely.


Insight Genesis is GoFree’s innovative software service that anglers use to make custom one-foot contour maps of un-mapped bodies of water, improve contour detail on previously mapped waters, and to find fish-holding bottom structure not charted on off-the shelf maps, including reefs and shoals, sunken islands and holes, humps and hard-bottom areas, drains and ditches. GoFree, Navico’s newest brand, offers digital marine maps, including Insight Genesis, Lake Insight HD, Lake Insight Pro and others. Continue reading “Pro tip: Map all the spots you graph in tournament practice”