Dredging Giants from the Deep

Insight Genesis is designed to help users find giants — well, giant bass, walleye, zander, muskie, salmon and other sport fish!   As you get more familiar with the Genesis system you’ll be used to horsing monsters in your boat.  But nothing could prepare you to catch this giant shrimp, an actual shrimp captured by a fisherman named Steve Bargeron in Fort Pierce, Fla.

Giant Shrimp Caught in Florida
Giant Shrimp Caught in Florida

Steve caught the attention of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission after a Tweet to them.  Bargeron tweeted the Commission claiming that the 18-inch long giant shrimp captured is a mantis shrimp.  More here: Shimp Article

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Insight Genesis in 3 Easy Steps

You can create a custom lake map in three easy steps with Insight Genesis. Yes, it’s really that simple! Three easy steps!

1. Record sonar data with your Lowrance or Simrad multi-function unit.

2. Upload the data to your online account.

3. Log into your account and view your maps, which are created automatically.

When the road makes underwater structure . . . map it!
When the road makes underwater structure . . . map it!

Collect, Upload, View:three steps Continue reading “Insight Genesis in 3 Easy Steps”

How to upload sonar files to C-MAP Genesis with a Mac or PC

You can upload recorded sonar data to the C-MAP Genesis cloud for processing with both Mac and PC computers.

Using the web-upload tool, you can upload sonar-log files directly from your account’s dashboard, eliminating the need to download and install a desktop application. Mac users must use the web-upload tool. PC users can use the web-upload tool or the Windows-based desktop upload tool. This article provides step-by-step instructions for using both upload methods.  Continue reading “How to upload sonar files to C-MAP Genesis with a Mac or PC”