New C-MAP Genesis Lake Martin map will give anglers advantage in Bassmaster Elite tournament

Bass pros from across the U.S. will have an opportunity test drive a prototype of a new C-MAP Genesis 1-foot contour map of Lake Martin in a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament Feb. 8-11 on the 41,00-acre Alabama fishery known for hard-fighting, deep-dwelling spotted bass and big, but elusive, shallow-dwelling largemouth. C-MAP, a leader in digital marine mapping and cloud-based mapping, is in the midst of updating its chart portfolio in Alabama and throughout the U.S.

The prototype Lake Martin map, to be eventually included in a new C-MAP card for the entire state of Alabama, includes all the game-changing features that subscribers to C-MAP’s Genesis Edge premium custom-mapping service currently enjoy — 1-foot contours,  Custom Color Depth Shading* and a bottom-hardness layer.

“Having the best map is a critical factor in fishing today,” says C-MAP US Sales Manager Candler McCollum, a competitive angler who, with his tournament partner, won two Alabama Bass Trail tournaments in 2017 and ABT Angler of the Year honors. “This new C-MAP chart provides the most accurate and high-definition contour data ever seen for Lake Martin.”

2017 Bassmaster Classic Champion Jordan Lee

Upon first getting a look at the prototype C-MAP Genesis Lake Martin chart, Bassmaster Classic Champions Jordan Lee and Casey Ashley agree.

“Looks like a lot of detail that will help us out,” said Lee, a Lowrance pro who in 2017 won the Bassmaster Classic, the ultimate prize in competitive bass fishing. “1-foot contours — that’s what we want.”

“It’s pretty impressive,” says Ashley, a Lowrance pro who won the 2015 Bassmaster Classic. “And there’s a lot more coming with this mapping system. … It’s going to be pretty neat.”

Bottom-Hardness Map Layer
The C-MAP Genesis bottom-hardness layer will help Ashley, Lee and other anglers using Lowrance sonar/GPS units easily find and target Lake Martin’s most-productive areas on structure such as points and humps. saddles and flats, ditches and channel swings. Gamefish often feed around hard-to-softer-bottom transitions on such structure. Areas of different bottom hardness are clearly identified by different colors in the layer, showing the size, shape and location of them relative to 1-foot contours of the surrounding structure.

“The addition of that bottom-hardness map will give bass anglers on Lake Martin a huge advantage,” McCollum says.

Customer Color Depth Shading
The new C-MAP Genesis map of Lake Martin is compatible also with C-MAP’s unique Custom Color Depth Shading feature. Anglers can select from 16 colors to highlight as many as 10 customized depth ranges. They can set two separate custom-color depth palettes for every map. Humps and holes, reefs and shoals, drains and ditches, ledges and breaklines are all much more visible when set apart by Custom Color Depth Shading.

Want to test drive the new Lake Martin C-MAP Genesis chart for yourself? For FREE?!!! Download the map files from the “Promo Uploads” tab in your dashboard at (requires first registering for a free C-MAP Genesis account) or from the following link and then copy all four files onto a mini-SD card and load it into your Lowrance HDS Carbon, HDS Gen3 or Elite Ti sonar/GPS unit:

After test-driving the new map, feel free to provide feedback in the comments section below.

*Custom depth shading is compatible with Lowrance HDS Gen 2, HDS Gen 3, Carbon and Elite Ti units. It is not compatible with Lowrance Hook and Lowrance Elite HDI, Elite CHIRP and Elite DSI units.

One thought on “New C-MAP Genesis Lake Martin map will give anglers advantage in Bassmaster Elite tournament

  1. So what are the feature differences between C-MAP’s
    1. Insight Pro ($99.99)
    2. Lake Insight HD (169.99)?
    Can I overlay my Genesis Edge files for bottom hardness or vegetation onto either of these, rather than instead of the base map or other loaded maps?
    Can I custom depth shade on each?

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