C-MAP Genesis improves speed and performance

We have been investing heavily to make C-MAP Genesis both better and faster in order to significantly enhance customer experience. To that end, we are pleased to announce the launch of a major revamp of our processing engine to improve map display and creation speed. Thanks to this upgrade, you will now enjoy:

  • Faster population of Social Map with community-sourced contour data.
  • Enhanced contour display, optimized by zoom level, of both personal maps and Social Map charts on our website (no need to manually select fixed contour level — we deliver the optimum detail, depending on your zoom level; zoom in closer to get more contour detail)
  • Reduced clutter of depth markings
  • Significantly reduced wait time for sonar data to upload, process and display a finished map in your Dashboard
  • Restored functionality of features you may have noticed were temporarily not working, including downloads of large merged maps
  • A “Favorite Lakes” feature in Social Map that allows for quicker and easier navigation between the charts of your favorite waterbodies.

We are also pleased to announce the full global integration of public Fishbrain catch-location waypoints. Integrating Fishbrain catch locations into C-MAP Genesis charts will help you identify why fish were caught where they were and use that intel to catch more and bigger fish in those locations and others on the map that share the same characteristics.

GenesisMaps.com is the new home the largest database of crowd-sourced marine mapping across the globe and the most powerful personal-mapping system on earth. If you haven’t been to our new site, check it out today!

C-MAP is committed to innovation. We’ll be announcing new map layers and technology soon, so stay tuned!

We’ve got a new Facebook page, C-MAP Fishing. Like and follow us to ensure you stay hooked up for all our exclusive fishing tips, mapping pointers, sale announcements and giveaways.

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