Q: How do I sign up for a GoFree Hooked App fishing tournament I’ve been invited to? (App Store/IOS version)

Text enroll invite screengrab RED CIRCLE -- CROPDownload FREE the app for an iPhone HERE.

Download the FREE app for an Android phone HERE.

Did you get a text, email or Social Media message inviting you to compete in a GoFree Hooked live-leaderboard fishing competition? Sounds fun, right? Before you can enroll and compete, you’ll first need to download the GoFree Hooked fishing app on your smartphone, then sign up for a GoFree account and sign in. Good news — it’s all free, it’s available for both iOS and Android phones, and it’s easy to use.

This article provides step-by step directions for finding GoFree Hooked in the App Store, downloading it for free, registering for a GoFree account and signing into the app prior to using it to log fish catches and compete in a live-leaderboard fishing tournament. For step-by-step directions on finding and enrolling in public GoFree Hooked tournaments, read this article. For instructions on how to set up and host a tournament, and invite competitors, read this article.


Step 1. Tap the “App Store” icon on your phone. (Note: The following directions are for downloading the app from the “App Store” for use on an iPhone. However, the process is very similar for downloading the app from the Google Play Store for use on an Android phone)


Step 2. Tap the magnifying-glass-shaped “Search” icon.


Step 3. In the “Search” bar, type “gofree hooked”


Step 4. Click “gofree hooked”


Step 5. Click the “GoFree Hooked” icon.


Step 6. To begin downloading the app to your phone, click the icon that looks like a cloud with a down-pointing arrow.


Step 7. While you are waiting for the app to finish downloading, the cloud icon will be replaced with an icon that looks like a small square surrounded by an orbiting circle.

Step 8. You will know the app has finished downloading when the “Hooked” icon appears fully colored in on your screen (it will appear partially greyed out while it is downloading). You may now tap the app icon and open the app.


01 Hooked App Sign-Up Screens-Steps with circle

Step 9. Tap “Sign up” located on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

02 Hooked App Sign-Up Screens-Steps

Step 10. Enter your email address. Note: If you already have an Insight Genesis account, don’t enter your email address in this field. Rather, click on “Cancel” in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, which will return you to the previous sign-up/sign-in page. Rather than clicking on “Sign up” in the lower right-hand corner, instead click the large “Sign in” button in the center of the screen (as pictured in Step 9 above).

03 Hooked App Sign-Up Screens-Steps

Step 11. Enter a screen name. This could be your actual name or a nickname you’d like to be known by in the GoFree user community. This is the name that will appear in the live leaderboard in the tournaments in which you enroll and compete.

04 Hooked App Sign-Up Screens-Steps

Step 11b. Don’t try to skip Step 11. You can’t. You have to choose a screen name.

05 Hooked App Sign-Up Screens-Steps

Step 12. Enter your actual first name and last name.

06 Hooked App Sign-Up Screens-Steps

Step 13. Choose your country from the menu.

07 Hooked App Sign-Up Screens-Steps

Step 14. Choose and type in a password and then tap the blue “Join” button in the lower right-hand corner. This is the final step in the GoFree Hooked download/sign-up/sign-in process.


Step 15. After successfully installing the app and signing up for a free GoFree account and creating your profile, return on your smartphone to the texted or emailed tournament invitation you received and click the link:Text enroll invite screengrab RED CIRCLE

Step 16. After clicking the link, you will be taken to the tournament’s Enroll page within the app. On that page, click the “Enroll” button.

tournament's Enroll page RED CIRCLE

Step 17 (provisional). If after clicking on the link in the tournament invite text or email you are not taken directly to the tournament’s Enroll page, but rather to the GoFree Hooked app’s page in the App Store, simply click the “Open” button on that page, and you will be routed to the Enroll page. Once there, simply click the “Enroll” button, as described in Step 16, above.

Hooked app page in App Store RED CIRCLE

For step-by-step directions on finding and enrolling in public GoFree Hooked tournaments, read this article. For instructions on how to set up and host a tournament, and invite competitors, read this article. To learn how to log catches with the app, watch this video:

App to Map: See Your Catch-Location Waypoints in Insight Genesis maps

App Fish Catch Layer-COLLAGE#2Not only can you compete against other anglers with the GoFree Hooked fishing app, you can also improve your future fishing results by logging catch details and learning why you caught fish where you did. GoFree Hooked creates the first of many planned integrations between maps and apps for the Lowrance and Simrad communities.

When you use the app to log fish catches, you will automatically populate private, online Insight Genesis maps with waypoints marking the catch locations — whether you were fishing in your boat, a buddy’s boat, or from shore. What’s more, those pins can be exported later for use in a compatible sonar/GPS unit on the water.

Click on an app-logged waypoint online to review the photo of, and all the details about, the catch — species, weight, length, bait type and color, depth, cover and/or structure, weather conditions, etc. To re-visit those waypoints on the water, easily transfer them to a compatible Lowrance or Simrad sonar/GPS unit by simply clicking a button to convert them to a importable GPX file and saving them to an SD/mini-SD card.

“This feature makes GoFree Hooked stand out way beyond not only other fishing apps, but also beyond anything ever done before with marine electronics,” says Greg Huff, a Navico manager who represents GoFree at fishing tournaments and boat shows. “With its revolutionary integration of catch data from app to map on the boat, GoFree Hooked can turn a fish photo into more than just braggin-board fodder for social media, but a tool for learning why you caught a fish where you did and using that knowledge to catch more and bigger fish the next time you’re on the water.”

When you see your catch-location pins overlaid on a Genesis map’s one-foot contours, bottom-hardness layer and submerged-vegetation layer, it’s easy to see what fish are relating to and then apply that pattern to catch more fish throughout the rest of the lake. We’ll talk more about how to do that in an ensuing blog post.

App Fish Catch Layer-blue&veg&bottom-online-COLLAGEThe image above exhibits what app-logged catch-location waypoints look like in the private, online display of a custom Premium Insight Genesis map. The catch-location waypoints overlaid on the Insight Genesis above indicates that the most-active fish are holding on the steeper drop-offs around mid-lake humps in 14 to 17 feet of water (top image), near a deep submerged weed edge (middle image), and near a transition from a harder bottom to a softer bottom (bottom image). The image below shows what those same waypoints will look like when imported into a Lowrance HDS sonar/GPS unit.

App Fish Catch Layer-MFD-blue&veg&bottom-online-COLLAGE

It’s important to note that although your catch-location waypoints are visible to you on Social Map charts, they are NOT publicly visible to others — no one can see your pins but you. Because Insight Genesis and the Hooked app exist in the same GoFree cloud-based ecosystem, you enjoy the features of each by logging in with the same GoFree account username and password. So you can only see catch-location waypoints on a Genesis map when you’re logged into the same GoFree account you were logged into when you recorded your catches with the Hooked app.

Additional features

Additional features of the GoFree Hooked app includes:

  • GoFree_Hooked_app-imagesAutomatic camera integration – Easily take and save a photo of every fish caught and logged (camera automatically turns on after you tap the “record a catch” button)
  • Catch histories – Review catch details from previous fishing trips, to repeat success
  • Socially share your success – People don’t believe your fish stories? Upload photo evidence and size stats right through the app. Share images via text, email or social media platforms.
  • User Profile – Customize your profile so you can be uniquely identified within GoFree’s worldwide community of anglers

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