Q: How do I sign up for a GoFree Hooked App fishing tournament I’ve been invited to? (App Store/IOS version)

Text enroll invite screengrab RED CIRCLE -- CROPDownload FREE the app for an iPhone HERE.

Download the FREE app for an Android phone HERE.

Did you get a text, email or Social Media message inviting you to compete in a GoFree Hooked live-leaderboard fishing competition? Sounds fun, right? Before you can enroll and compete, you’ll first need to download the GoFree Hooked fishing app on your smartphone, then sign up for a GoFree account and sign in. Good news — it’s all free, it’s available for both iOS and Android phones, and it’s easy to use.

This article provides step-by step directions for finding GoFree Hooked in the App Store, downloading it for free, registering for a GoFree account and signing into the app prior to using it to log fish catches and compete in a live-leaderboard fishing tournament. For step-by-step directions on finding and enrolling in public GoFree Hooked tournaments, read this article. For instructions on how to set up and host a tournament, and invite competitors, read this article.

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