Go fishing on Guntersville to WIN a Lowrance HDS-12 Gen3

Guntersville Challenge Collage RECTANGLEWant to WIN a Lowrance HDS-12 Gen3 sonar/GPS unit? Love fishing for bigguns on Lake Guntersville? Be the first to log and upload 10,000 acres of sonar data on Guntersville and the Gen3 will be yours. Details in the poster below.

GoFree’s innovative cloud-based service, Insight Genesis empowers anglers to create custom fishing maps from sonar data recorded with a compatible Lowrance sonar unit on their own boats.* GoFree is the newest brand from Navico, parent company of Lowrance, Simrad and B&G. For tournament anglers, Insight Genesis is a game-changer. No other mapping program is better at helping you find and fish “the juice,” the spot on the spot, like shell beds, hard-to-soft-bottom transitions areas, and off-shore humps and ledges that don’t appear on other maps. So when you’re graphing to win, you should be mapping with Genesis.

Making highly detailed contour maps with Insight Genesis is as easy as recording sonar data with your compatible Lowrance fish-finder and then uploading your sonar log files to the Insight Genesis website. For step-by-step instructions on how to record and upload sonar data, read this article. If you have not already registered for a free Insight Genesis account, you can sign up HERE.

To make a better map of your favorite fishing spots, you don’t have to drive back and forth and never wet a line. Rather, you can simply record your sonar data every time you go fishing. Over time, you can merge sonar data collected in multiple fishing trips and form a master map, full of detailed, one-foot contour lines that identify fish-holding structure you might never have found, had you not driven over them while recording.

Guntersville Challenge Poster - small JPG

To qualify toward the Guntersville Challenge, sonar logs must be uploaded to Insight Genesis in the Lowrance-exclusive .slg or .sl2 formats and must not be marked “Private.” Sonar logs cannot be submitted twice. Taxes on the prize will be the responsibility of the winner.

Insight Genesis Social Map charts available to all for FREE download

Minnesota-Wisconsin Social Map DotsOne of the most popular GoFree offerings is Insight Genesis Social Map, an online treasury of FREE downloadable maps for waterbodies close to home, across the country and around the world.

Insight Genesis Social Map went live in the summer of 2016, providing a first look at how community-sourced Insight Genesis sonar data are improving maps for the betterment of anglers and boaters around the world.  Available in both free and premium Insight Genesis subscriptions, Social Map charts are accessible, searchable and available for FREE download on the right-hand side of the Insight Genesis dashboard (see image below).

The first step to downloading free Insight Genesis Social Map charts is registering for a free Insight Genesis account, which you can do HERE. Continue reading for more information about the free contour charts available for download from the Insight Genesis Social Map.

Hartwell-Social-Map-Blue-Scale-COLLAGEMany waterbodies have already been completely mapped by community-minded anglers, others are partially mapped, and some remain a blank slate, ready to be mapped. Waterbodies that are completely mapped will appear completely in blue-scale — darker blue denotes deeper water; lighter water indicates shallower water. On many waterbodies that are partially mapped, you will see both blue-scale depth shading and gray-scale depth shading.

The blue-shaded areas are those that have been mapped with Insight Genesis, so those areas will appear in very high detail (usually with 2- to 5-foot contours, althoguh very shallow waterbodies can appear with 1-foot contours, and very deep waterbodies might display with 10-foot contours).

Social Map on the unitThe gray-scaled contours on Social Map charts appear in areas where the Lake Insight base map has not yet been improved by custom contour mapping with Insight Genesis. When you and others record and upload sonar logs of boat trips in those gray-scale areas, you can replace the less-detailed gray-scale contours with highly detailed blue-scale Insight Genesis contours, and eventually create an entirely new, and amazingly accurate, map for the water body.

Each blue dot indicates a waterbody mapped with Insight Genesis.


Some waterbodies display only the Insight Genesis-created blue-scale mapping and no gray-scale base map. In some cases, this only temporary and the base map for that waterbody will be integrated in the Social Map soon (to check on the status of a b

Zoom in on a blue dot and click to see and download the map for free.


In some cases, however, a waterbody is so far off the beaten path that there exists no basemap ase map for any waterbody, feel free to post a question on GoFree’s Facebook page and we will get back to you as soon as possible).for it at all — these are the types of waterbodies for which Insight Genesis was created! For if wasn’t for the DIY capabilities of Insight Genesis, these waterbodies might never be mapped at all.

In an hour on the water, the average boater can cover about 100 acres.  If 10 people upload an hour of data collection from the weekend a 1,000 acre lake is mapped immediately.   If 100 people contribute all 100 users will have access to 10,000 acres just from one weekend.  Just think what will happen when 10,000 people are contributing an hour or more per weekend.   Would you pitch in to pay for 1 fingerling of you favorite species to be stocked in a lake for the future of fishing if 10,000 others did the same?  Would you pitch in an hour to have access to 1,000,000 acres of the best map coverage on the globe if 10,000 others contributed an hour as well?  Give a little and get a lot!

Below is an example of an Insight Genesis Social Map chart in use on a Lowrance HDS unit.

To learn how to download an use an Insight Genesis Social Map chart on your sonar/GPS unit, read the blog article HERE.

* To use your custom Insight Genesis maps on the water, you’ll need a compatible Lowrance, Simrad or B&G chartplotter.

2 thoughts on “Go fishing on Guntersville to WIN a Lowrance HDS-12 Gen3

    • Thanks for your note, Jimmy. Our map of Guntersville should show some bottom structure not shown on other maps, giving you an advantage!

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