High School anglers can earn free Lowrance units in new Insight Genesis Varsity Rewards program

Varsity Rewards CollageIn high school? Love to fish? Want to earn a free Lowrance sonar/GPS unit  by going fishing? Register today for the Insight Genesis Varsity Rewards program.

“If you’re a high school angler, I highly suggest that you go to varsityrewards.org and join,” says Laura Ann Foshee, the first-ever female B.A.S.S. High School All American. “You can win prizes … and you can be the best that you can be with your team and by yourself.”

In the Varsity Rewards program, high school anglers earn points redeemable for Lowrance merchandise – from hoodies to HDS fishfinders – simply by recording sonar data while they are fishing and then uploading the files to Insight Genesis, the innovative custom contour map-making service for Lowrance users. One acre of sonar data is worth one point toward a team’s score.

“You can even win a Lowrance Gen 3,” Foshee says, referencing Lowrance’s top-of-the-line chartplotter, a $3,149 value.

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GoFree’s innovative Insight Genesis service creates custom maps from sonar signals sent by the transducer on your own boat exactly in the places you idle over and/or fish. GoFree is the newest brand from Navico, parent company of Lowrance, Simrad and B&G. By mapping with Insight Genesis, Foshee and other high school anglers can create custom contour maps of un-mapped bodies of water, improve contour detail on previously mapped waters, and precisely dissect spot-on-the-spot areas on fish-holding bottom structure. Insight Genesis maps are exclusive to Lowrance, Simrad and B&G sonar/GPS units.

Foshee Varsity Rewards Looking into camera“Being able to have those opportunities to have the best units, the best mapping, is really going to put a lot of high school anglers [at] an advantage,” says Foshee, a high school senior who will be attending Savannah College of Art and Design next fall on a fishing scholarship. “You can’t just go out without this stuff and expect to do the best. You have to have everything you need to be the best.”

Whether you fish a 300-acre pond or a 30,000-acre reservoir, Insight Genesis mapping is a game-changer. No other maps are better at helping you find and fish the “sweet spots” that don’t appear on many other chart chips and map apps – spots like shell beds, hard-to-soft-bottom transitions, and off-shore humps and ledges. The one-foot contour lines on Insight Genesis maps are much more accurate than the computer-estimated contour lines on many chart chips and map apps, which can obscure fish-holding bottom structure of interest to anglers.

Varsity Rewards Earn Points Screen GrabThe improved fishing maps created through the Varsity Rewards program will be valuable to the anglers themselves, as well as to local fisheries, wildlife and/or conservation agencies. GoFree will be working with such agencies to aggregate and provide depth, bottom-hardness and vegetation data valuable for planning and executing numerous conservation, habitat and spawning-related initiatives.

The Insight Genesis Varsity Rewards program runs through Oct. 31, 2016. Register your team at varsityrewards.org. Registered teams can win as many rewards as their points allow. Points are non-transferable, and expire on December 1, 2016. Points cannot be carried over into another year.

Varsity Rewards Rewards PageTo redeem Varsity Rewards, refer to values posted HERE (pages 8-11) and then email varsityrewards@navico.com with your details. Upon receipt, redemption requests will be verified and confirmed prior to shipping. Note: Only authorized high school team administrators are allowed to submit redemption requests.

Look for Lowrance and GoFree in attendance at B.A.S.S. High School National events. For more information about the Insight Genesis Varsity Rewards program, go to www.varsityrewards.org. To learn more about Insight Genesis and GoFree, visit www.gofreemarine.com. To learn more about Lowrance, visit www.lowrance.com.

Varsity Rewards Parent FAQs

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