Map to WIN! in Canada

Canada-Challenge-logo-screengrabBe a mapping pioneer in Canada to WIN! Lowrance, GoFree and The Fishin’ Hole retail stores of Canada are partnering to sponsor the 2015 Insight Genesis Canada Challenge. The Grand Prize is a Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3 sonar/GPS unit.

Each month, June through September, the Canadian angler who records and uploads to Insight Genesis the most acres of sonar logs will win a $200 Fishin’ Hole gift card. All monthly acres uploaded will count towards the  grand prize.

Existing lake maps in Canada are for the most part terrible or non-existent, so by competing in the Canada Challenge, anglers will truly be pioneers, building a database of high-definition maps that will help them find and catch more and bigger fish.  

Insight Genesis, GoFree’s innovative custom-mapping tool, helps anglers catch more fish faster in several ways: offering them free downloads of community-sourced contour charts from Insight Genesis Social Map; enabling them to create their own custom contour maps of un-mapped bodies of water; and helping them discover and dissect potential tournament-winning spot-on-the-spot areas that don’t show up on some existing off-the-shelf or app-based contour maps. To create highly detailed custom fishing maps with Insight Genesis, you need not buy additional hardware or expensive digital chips. All you need is an inexpensive SD card of any brand and the Lowrance, Simrad or B&G fish-finder already on your boat.*

GoFREE CollageGoFree is the newest brand from Navico, parent company of Lowrance, Simrad and B&G. Insight Genesis maps are exclusive to sonar/GPS units made by those three brands. Insight Genesis Social Map is an online database of custom contour maps generated and shared by the Lowrance community of anglers. With Social Map, you can quickly and effortlessly get detailed contour maps of thousands of water bodies, including those close to home, across the country, and around the globe. Built on a base layer of existing contour charts, Social Map refreshes itself in near real-time with current sonar data shared by the Insight Genesis community, revealing new fishing holes for anglers in never-before-seen detail.

To register for a FREE Insight Genesis account and see Social Map for yourself, visit the website at

Canada Challenge sessions

  • June 1-30
  • July 1-31
  • August 1-31
  • September 1-30

Canada Challenge rules

      • Individuals can win a maximum of two monthly awards in 2015.
      • All winners in the 2015 Insight Genesis Canada Challenge must submit a short video explaining their experiences with Insight Genesis.
      • In order to participate in the Insight Genesis Canada Challenge, you must be a Canadian resident.
      • Sonar logs cannot be submitted twice. Multiple, duplicate entries will be grounds for dismissal from the Insight Genesis Canada Challenge.
      • In case of a tie, the tie will be broken based upon the best coverage in the determination of the judges.

Many Canadian waters aren’t mapped at all. For proof-positive of the power of social mapping with Insight Genesis, look no further than Crawling Valley Reservoir, a 6,000-plus-acre impoundment west of Calgary, Alberta. See below for additional screengrabs taken at various zoom levels of the same spot on the FREE Insight Genesis Social Map chart of Crawling Valley.

Many Canadian waters aren’t mapped at all. And many “off the shelf” maps are based on old government surveys and incomplete data that just leaves you guessing. So becoming a pioneer in the Canada Challenge will improve the future of Canadian fishing not just for you, but for others in the Lowrance community, via Insight Genesis Social Map. As more and more Canadian anglers upload their sonar logs to Insight Genesis, more and more accurate maps of your favorite lakes will be available for FREE download.

Crawling-IG-Zoom-5For proof-positive of the power of social mapping with Insight Genesis, look no further than Crawling Valley Reservoir, a 6,000-plus-acre impoundment west of Calgary, Alberta. To look at the Insight Genesis Social Map chart of Crawling Valley, you’d think a fleet of survey boats must have covered all that water, unlocking the secrets of so much bottom structure. Actually, it was just three guys – three Canadian fishermen, who, between them, logged sonar data on more than 100 separate fishing trips on thCrawling-IG-Zoom-4e sprawling reservoir, which is known for numerous hazardous, shallow, rocky areas (good areas to be shown on maps!). You can see the Crawling Valley Social Map chart HERE for free — to locate it, zoom in on Alberta and navigate your cursor to and click the blue dot on the map about 160 km east of Calgary.

Crawling-IG-Zoom-3Creating a custom Insight Genesis map is as easy as 1-2-3. First, simply go fishing while recording your transducer’s sonar signal to an SD card. Second, upload your sonar-data files to the Insight Genesis website right from your boat with a wifi-enabled Lowrance unit or from your computer after you get home. Third, GoFree’s powerful servers will quickly and automatically create a custom map that you can download back to an SD card and use on the Lowrance unit(s) on your boat to find and catch more and bigger fish.Crawling-IG-Zoom-2

You can harness the power of Insight Genesis for yourself with a free account or a Premium subscription. With either, you can create, use and save unlimited custom and social maps online; load your custom maps and Social Map charts onto your compatible* Lowrance Elite HDI, HDS*, Simrad NS Series or B&G Zeus GPS or chartplotters for use on the water; contribute sonar data; create, edit and store waypoints; manually adjust water-level offsets; and analyze weather trends.

Crawling-IG-Zoom-1As a Premium subscriber, you can also create unique bottom-hardness and vegetation-location map layers and can opt to mark your maps as private for personal use only. No matter which option you choose, your trails, waypoints and other personal data are always kept private.

About The Fishin’ Hole

tfh_logo(overlap)_transparentServing anglers in Canada since 1975, The Fishin’ Hole operates in five retail locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba – Canada. The head office and distribution centre for wholesale, mail order and website sales is located at 11829 – 154 Street in Edmonton.

The Fishin’ Hole specializes exclusively in marketing sportfishing tackle and related equipment and supplies. This narrow focus allows The Fishin’ Hole to follow all the latest trends, techniques and product innovations. Therefore, the Fishin’ Hole can always be relied upon to offer accurate and current information, as well as suggestions on appropriate products and techniques for any fishing situation.

* To use your custom Insight Genesis maps on the water, you’ll need a Lowrance, Simrad or B&G chartplotter.

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