FLW College Nat’l Championship contender explains benefits of Insight Genesis maps

FLW’s Chris Jones enjoys a laugh with Auburn University’s Ben Curry and Timmy Ward, and Eastern Kentucky’s Kyle Raymer and Ehan Snyder at the final takeoff for the FLW College Fishing National Championship on Lake Murray. (Photo courtesy FLW)

Auburn University’s Tim Ward, a contender with teammate Ben Curry for the 2015 FLW College National Championship underway today on South Carolina’s Lake Murray, explains in the video below how GoFREE’s Insight Genesis custom maps can help you find fish-holding stucture that other anglers miss.

Ward and Curry are fishing today in the championship round of the FLW College Fishing National Championship presented by Lowrance Insight Genesis College Cup. Insight Genesis is GoFree’s revolutionary custom mapping program that empowers anglers to create custom fishing maps from sonar data recorded with a compatible Lowrance sonar unit on their own boats.*

College Cup contestants who upload the most acres of sonar-log recordings to Insight Genesis each month win an HDS-12, HDS-9 and HDS-7 Gen2 Touch unit, respectively, for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The angler who uploads the most acres of sonar logs with Insight Genesis for the year will win an all-expenses-paid trip to the 2016 Forrest Wood Cup, where they will represent Lowrance as an honorary Pro-Staffer.

For tournament anglers, Insight Genesis is a game-changer. No other mapping program is better at helping you find and fish “the juice,” the spot on the spot, like shell beds, hard-to-soft-bottom transitions areas, and off-shore humps and ledges that don’t appear on other maps. So when you’re graphing to win, you should be mapping with Genesis.

“In every lake, river and reservoir there are humps and holes, ditches and drop-offs, and other fish-holding bottom structure that have essentially remained secret, because they don’t show up on anglers’ maps – even the most expensive of the digital chip maps might miss potential hot spots,” explains College Cup coordinator Candler McCollum, who also competed for Auburn University in the 2015 FLW College National Championship. “But when you make custom contour maps with Insight Genesis, you can unlock all the secrets of your favorite lake.”

The 2015 Insight Genesis College Cup began on Jan. 1, 2015. It concludes on Dec. 31, 2015. To qualify towards an angler’s College Cup acreage total, sonar logs must be uploaded to Insight Genesis in the Lowrance-exclusive .slg or .sl2 formats and must not be marked “Private.” Sonar logs cannot be submitted twice. Multiple, duplicate entries can be grounds for dismissal from the Insight Genesis College Cup. Taxes on prizes are the responsibility of the winners. To compete in the College Cup, anglers must first register for a free Insight Genesis account via the Insight Genesis College Cup website.

To help college anglers compete in the Insight Genesis College Cup, Lowrance loans Elite-7 HDI units to bass fishing teams across the country. To qualify for up to three loaner units, a team must attend a training session and/or mapping party hosted by a Lowrance pro-staffer or Insight Genesis expert.

“Because Insight Genesis is a revolutionary concept, many anglers are still learning how to record and submit sonar logs to make maps with detail down to one-foot contours,” McCollum says. “So most teams prefer to have someone walk them through the process the first time.”

The Insight Genesis College Cup Lowrance Loaner Unit Program was established to give college anglers who do not have Lowrance units the ability to both compete in the College Cup and to improve the fishing maps of their local and tournament waters. “This helps teams be more successful and allows all Insight Genesis users to benefit from better maps,” McCollum says. All fishing maps improved with contour data collected in College Cup competition are available to download for FREE via the Insight Genesis Social Map.Teams can keep their loaner units, for free, if they map a combined 10,000 acres with Insight Genesis.

“That should be pretty easy for a team to accomplish,” says McCollum, a former College Cup monthly winner. “In an hour on the water, the average boater can cover about 100 acres. College anglers – whether they’re pre-fishing, competing, or just fun-fishing with friends – spend a lot of hours on the water. If team members record sonar data every time they launch their boats, they’ll log 10,000 acres in no time.”

Making highly detailed contour maps with Insight Genesis is as easy as recording sonar data with your Lowrance Elite or HDS fish-finder and then uploading your sonar log files to the Insight Genesis website. Making custom maps with Insight Genesis is not only easy, it’s in the best interest of individual anglers and the fishing community at large. If 12 anglers upload just an hour’s worth of sonar data, a 1,000-acre lake can be mapped in practically no time. If 100 people contribute, all 100 of them will have access to 10,000 acres. Just think what will happen when 10,000 people are contributing an hour’s worth or more of sonar data!”

Teams must use their loaner units to log at least 500 acres per month. Teams that hit the minimum-acreage target, but do not reach 10,000 acres, will have the option to purchase their loaner units at year’s end for very discounted prices. To schedule a pro-staffer visit or mapping party, email Candler McCollum at Candler.McCollum@navico.com

To record a sonar log from which GoFREE’s cloud-based software creates a highly detailed Insight Genesis custom fishing map, you need only a compatible Lowrance unit (HDS Gen2, Gen3, Elite) and an blank SD card. Most any type SD card will work – no prohibitively expensive special card is required. Recording a sonar log – which requires a mere three keystrokes – happens in the background on your sonar unit, requires no additional hardware or accessories, and won’t slow down your Lowrance unit or affect its performance in any noticeable way.

* Compatible Insight Genesis multifunction displays: Lowrance Elite HDI and HDS (HDS Gen2 and Gen2 Touch displays support downloaded Insight Genesis Maps on SD cards, and HDS Gen1 models can generate free custom maps for online viewing only); Simrad NS Series; and B&G Zeus and Zeus Touch.

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