Go fishing on Lake Lanier for a chance to win a Lowrance HDS-7 Gen-3 Touch

(Image sources listed at bottom of page, following article and video)

Want to win a free Lowrance HDS Gen 3 Touch sonar/GPS unit? Go fishing on Lake Lanier!

And be sure to record sonar logs when you do. The angler that uploads the most acres of Lake Lanier sonar data to Insight Genesis between March 6 and March 28 will win the grand prize in the Insight Genesis Lake Lanier Challenge – a Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 Touch unit with transducer.

HDS-7_Gen3The grand prize will be awarded on March 29 after a day-long Insight Genesis Lake Lanier Mapping Party & Big Fish Bash, sponsored by Lowrance and GoFree. The angler who catches the biggest bass during the event will win an HDS-7 Gen3 Touch with transducer. To be eligible to win the grand prize, upload your Lake Lanier sonar data to Insight Genesis before March 28 and participate in the March 29 Mapping Party.

Insight Genesis, GoFree’s innovative mapping tool, helps anglers catch more and bigger fish in several ways: providing them free downloads of community-sourced contour charts from Insight Genesis Social Map; enabling them to create their own custom contour maps of un-mapped bodies of water; and helping them discover and dissect tournament-winning spot-on-the-spot areas that often don’t show up on other chart chips and/or map apps. Insight Genesis maps are exclusive to Lowrance, Simrad and B&G chartplotters. (Learn more about uploading sonar data and creating your own contour maps HERE.)

Insight Genesis is a game-changer. No other mapping is better at helping you find “the juice” – sweet spots like shell beds, hard-to-soft-bottom transitions areas, and off-shore humps and ledges that don’t appear on any off-the-shelf map. For serious tournament anglers, just graphing spots in practice isn’t enough any more – you need to be mapping your spots with Insight Genesis.

2014 and 2009 Bassmaster Classic champions Randy Howell (left) and Skeet Reese, respectively.

2009 Bassmaster Classic Champ Skeet Reese agrees.

“The mapping that you know and use today, really isn’t that accurate,” he says. “Insight Genesis allows you to really, truly see those sweet spots, within a sweet spot, within a sweet spot.”

2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion Randy Howell seconded Skeet’s observations.

“You may be surprised at how much detail you may be missing out on” if you’re not using Insight Genesis maps, Howell says.

Insight Genesis is a service provided by GoFree, the newest brand in Navico family. Navico, the world’s largest manufacturer of marine electronics, is also the parent company of Lowrance, Simrad and B&G brands.

Pre-register to WIN $229-value Wifi-1 accessory

Pre-registered participants in the Insight Genesis Lake Lanier Lanier Mapping Party will have an opportunity to win a WiFi-1 unit. Pre-register for the event by March 14 by clicking “Join” on this Facebook event page

Where & when

The Insight Genesis Lake Lanier Mapping Party will be held near the boat ramps in Little Hall Park, located off of Dawsonville Highway (Ga. 53). There is a $4 fee for vehicles to enter the park, but Lowrance will reimburse all Mapping Party participants the park-entry fee. Directions to Little Hall Park: Travel along Dawsonville Highway (Ga. 53); the left turn for Little Hall Park is just after Bolling Bridge, if you are heading towards Gainesville.

Arrive at Little Hall Park before 8 a.m. From 8 to 9 a.m. Lowrance experts will give seminars and one-on-one instruction on creating Insight Genesis maps and customizing your Lowrance sonar settings for optimal fish finding. Mapping Party participants will record sonar data while fishing on Lake Lanier from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Big Fish weigh-in will be held at 3:30 p.m. Complimentary burgers, chips and sodas will be served after the weigh-in.

FREE stuff!

But wait, there’s more! You’ll get free stuff at the Mapping Party too – a  one-year Premium Insight Genesis subscription ($99 value), a Lowrance sun buff or fishing towel, an SD card for saving sonar logs, and a high-detail digital contour map of Lake Lanier (will be emailed to all participants following the event).

Be seen on TV!
“Fox Sports Outdoors” Host Barry Stokes poses last month with 2015 Bassmaster Classic Champion Casey Ashley, a Lowrance Pro.

“Fox Sports Outdoors” Host Barry Stokes will be in attendance at the Mapping Party, filming an episode of his show. One lucky Mapping Party participant will be interviewed and appear on the show. “Fox Sports Outdoors” covers all the fishing news and reports each week from the Southwest and Southeast regions of the U.S. The Southwest region airs on Fox Sports Southwest and covers TX, OK, LA, and AR. The Southeast region airs on Fox Sports South and covers MS, AL, GA, SC, NC, TN, and KY. The show airs on Fox Sports Southwest Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 7:30 a.m. It airs on Fox Sports South Thursdays at 6 p.m. and Sundays at 8 a.m.

Double-acres for College Cup

College-Cup-2015-logoAll sonar logs recorded during the Insight Genesis Lake Lanier Challenge time period (including those recorded on the day of the Mapping Party) will also be eligible for the Insight Genesis College Cup contest. So, if you’re a College Cup angler, this contest offers a can’t-miss opportunity to win two HDS Touch units with the same sonar logs.

For more information, contact Candler McCollum at Candler.McCollum@navico.com.

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Middle, left: Courtesy Little Hall Park

Middle, right: Courtesy Little Hall Park

Bottom, left: Courtesy Barry Stokes

Bottom, middle, bottom: By Timothy J, https://www.flickr.com/photos/tjc/22037484/in/photolist-2WWYC-pnzK2-poysU-pnnB4-6jSZWM-6jSZsr-6jSZie-6jSZbM-6jSZ58-6jSZ16-6jXaYE-6jSYMP-4b3wgy-dmtnqW-6uAaav-6uAjPB-6uEgMq-6uA31M-6uEdRq-6uE7KW-6uDGof-6uDFbC-6uzoD4-6uzo6v-6uznqZ-6uzjiR-6uDjyW-6uA8yD-6uA7Ax-6uEiU5-6uEiuw-6uA63c-6uEfRE-6uEb69-6uE6ef-6uE4yh-6uDXJd-6uzAic-6uDKWU-6uzxD8-6uzqRP-6uDASb-6uzkWz-6uziz8-6uDkmQ-6uAjkZ-6uzsS4-6uDiGq-pozUW-powPF

Bottom, right: By Timothy J, https://www.flickr.com/photos/tjc/19228046/in/photolist-6uAgt2-6uEsos-6uErYU-6uE6KQ-6uE5qU-6uDwUo-FE1Kf-6w8fvo-6w44eM-9SLtNA-9SLt6u-9SHAR2-9SHAK8-9SHABH-a23Ter-9SLtyG-9SHAar-9SLs9h-9SLs1Q-9SHzMB-6Xrcgd-6Xracq-9DqVaA-9DGnpr-9DGoiX-y8Wa4-y8Tvv-y8Scg-y8Rvb-y8L5c-y8JE9-y8HKv-5xirYP-5xnPs1-5xnNYo-dty9ta-8bQph5-ppb7Y9-poVm7n-8bM74e-k9pDdL-6AVjfy-p7GJ3s-7Tm4BV-69VYDM-2GxQ2-2GxQ1-6a16Sy-2GxQ3-2LiZf


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