Insight Genesis map detail is “unbelievable,” says 2015 Bassmaster Classic contender David Walker

2015_Classic-Walker-COLLAGEThe level of detail in free Insight Genesis Social Map contour charts is “unbelievable,” says 2015 Bassmaster Classic Contender David Walker.

“With those one-foot contours, I can see where those little changes are without having to go back and forth and fish over them and over them – the map already shows me where I need to start looking,” Walker explains. “It just makes it so much easier. Instead of in three days of practice, me trying to cover maybe a third of the lake, now I can cover all of the lake because I already have the legwork done for me. I can go right to those spots and check them out and look for fish there and eliminate areas or find Classic-winning spots.”

Watch the video below to hear Walker explain how Insight Genesis maps can help anglers at any level — be it the Bassmaster Classic or a day trip on your favorite local lake or pond. (Blog article continues below the video player)

The same Insight Genesis contour chart of Lake Hartwell provided to Walker and all the Lowrance Pro Team members fishing in the 2015 Bassmaster Classic is available to the public for FREE from Insight Genesis Social Map, which also generated the map. Take a look at that map for free, HERE (navigate and zoom in until you land on Lake Hartwell). The Bassmaster Classic launched this morning. You can follow all the action live at

A one-of-a-kind, online database of custom contour maps generated and shared by community-minded anglers, Insight Genesis Social Map makes it easier to catch fish both close to home and across the country by combining contributed sonar data to create contour charts of un-mapped bodies of water and improve detail on previously mapped waters. Built on a base layer of existing Insight contour charts, Insight Genesis Social Map refreshes in near real-time with sonar data shared daily by the Insight Genesis community, revealing new fishing holes for anglers. Talk about fresh data!

Whether your favorite fishery is a 300-acre pond or a 30,000-acre reservoir, Insight Genesis mapping is a game-changer. No other maps are better at helping you find and fish sweet spots that don’t appear on other maps – spots like off-shore humps and ledges, shellbeds, ditches and drains, and hard-to-soft-bottom transitions.

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