“Hump of the Week” on a small Ark. lake mapped by The Pond Pro

PondPro_ZOOM_HumpDay-9-17-14Do you fish smaller, off-the-grid lakes with bad maps — or no maps at all? Map them yourselves with Insight Genesis to find un-pressured fish-holding structure. You’ll catch more and bigger fish if you do, says small-water specialist Tim Shannon, AKA The Pond Pro.

“I am blown away at the structure I was missing without Insight Genesis,” Tim says. “I mapped a very small section of [an area lake] and have already found one major hump I never knew existed. If you’re not using Insight Genesis yet it’s time to get on board.”

Tim’s screenshot of that previously unknown fish-holding structure is our inaugural Insight Genesis Hump Day Hump of the Week. Have you used Insight Genesis to locate fish-holding structure not shown previously on any other fishing map? Post a screen shot on the Insight Genesis Facebook page and we might feature YOU in our next Hunp of the Week spotlight. (Click “Continue Reading” to see larger screen shots and learn more)

“I am blown away at the structure I was missing without Insight Genesis,” says Tim Shannon, AKA The Pond Pro. “I mapped a very small section of [an area lake] and have already found one major hump I never knew existed.” That hump — actually a series of three humps — is shown in the screengrab above.
Tim’s Pond Pro community is “a new and exciting concept for the small-water angler,” he explains. “Pond Pro is dedicated to the people who want to learn what it takes to catch fish in their own backyard.”

Insight Genesis is the innovative, online service that empowers anglers to create custom lake maps from sonar data recorded with the Lowrance, Simrad or B&G sonar unit on their own boats. One-foot contour lines on Insight Genesis maps are much more accurate than the estimated contour lines on many off-the-shelf, digital chip maps that not only miss, but often obscure, fish-holding structure of interest to anglers.

Tim Shannon’s Pond Pro community connects and educates people who “want to learn what it takes to catch fish in their own backyard.”

Fishing success is built on a stool with three essential legs — superior sonar imagery, outstanding StructureScan views and the best maps on the planet. Most anglers already know that Lowrance dominates in the first two categories. And word is starting to get out about Lowrance’s superior mapping solutions, like Insight Genesis. Tim scouts for fish-holding structure on his small-water fisheries with an HDS 7 Gen Touch GPS/sonar unit, recording his sonar logs every time he’s on the water and uploading to Insight Genesis to make custom contour maps.

“Hands down, the HDS 7 and Insight Genesis are the most amazing unit and program I have ever used,” Tim says. “There is no way to compete against someone using this stuff.”

You’ll catch more and bigger fish with Insight Genesis custom contour maps, says small-water specialist Tim Shannon, AKA The Pond Pro.

And with Insight Genesis Social Map, anglers across the country and around the world are community-sourcing the mapping of poorly mapped and/or un-mapped lakes in their areas and sharing their new, custom maps with other anglers, who in turn, are sharing their maps for you to benefit from. A one-of-a-kind online database of custom contour maps generated and shared by the Lowrance community, Insight Genesis Social Map is built on a base layer of existing Insight contour charts. It refreshes itself in near real-time with sonar data shared by the Insight Genesis community, revealing new fishing holes for anglers. Talk about fresh data!

Find fish with Insight Genesis for FREE!

You can harness the power of Insight Genesis for yourself with a free account or a Premium subscription. With either, you can create, use and save unlimited custom maps and Social Map charts online; contribute sonar data; create, edit and store waypoints; manually adjust water-level offsets; and analyze weather trends. To register for a FREE Insight Genesis account and see Social Map for yourself, visit the website at https://insightstore.navico.com/genesis

Premium subscribers can load their custom maps and Social Map charts onto their compatible* Lowrance Elite HDI, HDS*, Simrad NS Series or B&G Zeus GPS or chartplotters for use on the water. As a Premium subscriber, you can also create unique bottom-hardness and vegetation-location maps, and can choose to mark your maps as private for personal use only. No matter which option you choose, your trails, waypoints and other personal data are always kept private.

Hold a local mapping party on a lake near you!

Is your home lake un-mapped, or poorly mapped? Let us know and we’ll work to organize a mapping party in your neck of the woods. These events typically include seminars on tips to get more out of your electronics and how to use Insight Genesis, and then a few hours of mapping. All recorded sonar data is uploaded by a local pro-staffer and will be made available almost immediately on Insight Genesis Social Map, from which mapping-party attendees can load the collective data onto their Lowrance Elite and HDS units.  Oh, and there’s always some Lowrance swag giveaways!

To organize a local mapping party on your home lake, email Greg Huff at Greg.Huff@navico.com.

* To use your custom Insight Genesis maps on the water, you’ll need a Lowrance, Simrad or B&G chartplotter from this list: https://insightstore.navico.com/supported-products

Tim Shannon and his Pond Pro community are starting to get more publicity in the fishing industry.

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