Ten anglers map uncharted Manitoba fishery in one day

In the land of Mounties, maple syrup, hockey and big fish, Lowrance pro-staffer Bill Corrigal recently conducted a mapping party on Falcon Lake in southern Manitoba.  His crew of volunteers split the lake into square 1-mile grids and each angler took some time to gather sonar data with their Lowrance Elite and HDS units.  All of the data was uploaded to Insight Genesis and automatically processed by the powerful servers to create a map.  Not only did they create the best map on the face of the planet for Falcon Lake, they’re sharing it with everyone via Insight Genesis Social Map — a great thing for the Winnipeg fishing community!  To view the Social Map for Falcon Lake create a free account here:  Insight Genesis

Falcon Lake split into 1mile  grids for community mapping
Falcon Lake split into 1-mile grids for community mapping

Corrigal’s crew of 10 volunteers in eight boats nearly surveyed the entire lake in one day. Promoted through the Fishin’ Hole Canada in conjunction with the Canadian Mapping Challenge (one lucky winner will win an all-expenses-paid trip to fish in beautiful British Columbia) news spread quickly that the future of lake mapping was underway on Falcon. Great job guys! 

The Falcon Lake mapping party crew
The Falcon Lake mapping party crew

Is your home lake un-mapped, or poorly mapped? Let us know and we’ll work to organize a mapping party in your neck of the woods. These events typically include seminars on tips to get more out of your electronics and how to use Insight Genesis, and then a few hours of mapping. All recorded sonar data is uploaded by a local pro-staffer and will be made available almost immediately on Insight Genesis Social Map, from which mapping-party attendees can load the collective data onto their Lowrance Elite and HDS units.  Oh, and there’s always some Lowrance swag giveaways!  To organize a local mapping party on your home lake, email Greg Huff at Greg.Huff @navico.com


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