Community spirit: Paul Stark volunteers to map lakes to help YOU catch more fish!

Stark-collageLewis and Clark have nothing on Paul Stark. Sure, the famous explorers mapped a fair share of South Dakota’s plains back in the day. Mad props to ‘em. But for the last few months, Stark has led a one-man Corps of Discovery to map lakes across The Rushmore State.

And he wants to share his fishing maps with you and all your fishing buddies. And with all their fishing buddies. And with … well, everyone.

“On an online forum I’m on, I ask other forum members what local lakes they would like to see mapped,” Stark explains. “I try to map all those lakes and then tell the forum readers that my maps of those lakes will be available soon on Insight Genesis Social Map. It stirs up some excitement when good maps are finally available for poorly mapped – or un-mapped – lakes in the area.”

It’s just that unselfish community spirit that makes Insight Genesis Social Map possible. Continue reading “Community spirit: Paul Stark volunteers to map lakes to help YOU catch more fish!”

Need More Out of Insight Genesis? Try BioBase

squareInsight Genesis is a fantastic tool for anglers to more precisely map areas they are most interested in fishing.  However, professional resource managers like DNR invasive plant biologists are finding value also in this automated technology for aquatic habitat assessment and monitoring.  You’ll be glad to hear we have a solution for professionals in the fisheries, aquatic plant, and water resource industries called BioBase. It’s like Insight Genesis but with outputs geared towards scientific research!  BioBase was launched in August of 2011 and initially served the aquatic plant management industry in the US. It has since expanded to all aquatic-resource professionals  across the globe. Continue reading “Need More Out of Insight Genesis? Try BioBase”

Q: Why don’t some depths on my map match the depths displayed on my fish-finder?

WHAT THE ? … That moment you realize that the depths indicated on your off-the-shelf digital map card aren’t even CLOSE to accurate … Time to get REAL one-foot contours with Insight Genesis.

By Greg Huff and
Patrick Clifford

Ever been fishing and noticed that depths displayed on your digital map don’t match actual depths determined by your sonar unit? Ron Lutes has. That’s why he subscribed to Insight Genesis to make his own custom lake maps with real one-foot contours.

“I used my iPhone with a [digital map] on Eagle Lake in northwest Ontario … the map info was absolutely worthless!” reports Lutes. “There was not one spot I checked with the depth/fish-finder in the boat that was close to the actual depths. That was one of the reasons I wanted to use Insight Genesis – to improve or make my own charts. I don’t know where [that map company] came up with thousands of bogus contour lines.”

What Lutes called “bogus” contour lines could be the result of bad data. A variety of user-initiated anomalies can cause a bad sonar signal that results in bad data. They include: Continue reading “Q: Why don’t some depths on my map match the depths displayed on my fish-finder?”