Hildebrandt, Jannarone are final TBF Challenge winners

June-TBFCongratulations to Lance Hildebrandt of Sioux Falls, SD, for winning the final monthly Insight Genesis TBF Challenge.

Hildebrandt, president of the South Dakota TBF, mapped in June 1,508 acres of lake bottom with Insight Genesis. For his effort, he won a brand-new Lowrance HDS-12 Gen2 Touch, valued at $3,249.00.

“We are going to continue promoting Insight Genesis in our state,” Hildebrandt says. “Thank you for this program.”

Lance Hildebrandt  TBF June winner
Hildebrandt, president of the South Dakota TBF, mapped in June 1,508 acres of lake bottom with Insight Genesis. For his effort, he won a brand-new Lowrance HDS-12 Gen2 Touch, valued at $3,249.00.

Insight Genesis is the innovative, online service that empowers you to create custom lake maps from sonar data recorded with the Lowrance, Simrad or B&G sonar unit on your own boats. One-foot contour lines on Insight Genesis maps are much more accurate than the estimated contour lines on many competitors’ off-the-shelf, digital chip maps that not only miss, but often obscure, fish-holding structure of interest to anglers.

Matthew Jannarone, of Windham, Maine, won the runner-up prize for June, a Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch, valued at $2,149.00. He mapped 342 acres of lake bottom.

Hildebrandt has used Insight Genesis to map several South Dakota fisheries: Lake Francis Case, Lake Poinsett, Lake Mitchell, Lake Alvin, Wall Lake, Lake Madison and East Fork Vermillion River Resevoir. Jannarone has been mapping Pennesseewassee Lake, Cobbosseecontee Lake, Gulf Island Pond, Pleasant Lake, Woodbury Pond, Highland Lake, Lake Champlain, Annabessacook Lake, Custer Pond and Messalonskee Lake, all in Maine.

All of the sonar data that Hildebrandt and Jannarone collected for the Insight Genesis TBF Challenge will be aggregated into the crowd-sourced Insight Genesis Social Map, a one-of-a-kind online database of coastal and inland maps generated and shared by the Lowrance, Simrad and B&G communities of fishing, cruising and sailing enthusiasts.

Insight Genesis Social Map allows you to quickly and effortlessly summon detailed contour maps of waters both close to home and around the globe. And Social Map is constantly updated. Built on a base layer of existing contour charts, Social Map refreshes itself in near real-time with sonar data shared by the Insight Genesis community, revealing new fishing holes are revealed for anglers.

You can harness the power of Insight Genesis for yourself with a free account or a premium subscription. With either, you can create, use and save unlimited custom and Social Maps charts online; contribute sonar data; create, edit and store waypoints; manually adjust water-level offsets; and analyze weather trends.

Premium subscribers can load their custom maps and Social Map charts onto their compatible* Lowrance Elite HDI, HDS*, Simrad NS Series or B&G Zeus GPS or chartplotters for use on the water. As a Premium subscriber, you can also create unique bottom-hardness and vegetation-location maps, and can choose to mark your maps as private for personal use only. No matter which option you choose, your trails, waypoints and other personal data are always kept private.

To register for your FREE Insight Genesis account and see Social Map for yourself, visit the website at https://insightstore.navico.com/genesis

Congratulations to all the Insight Genesis TBF Challenge winners. This contest has now come to a close.

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