Are you ‘digging’ in the wrong place?

Remember why Indiana Jones got to the Ark of the Covenant a step ahead of the bad guys? They were digging in the wrong place!

If your fishing buddies are catching limits when you’re getting skunked, it could be for a similar reason – you’re digging … er, fishing … in the wrong place. Could be you’ve got a bad map.

Recall that in “Raiders,” the bad guys had, essentially, a bad map – only one side of the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra. But with both sides of the headpiece, Indy had the map he needed to locate, with precision accuracy, the Ark’s hiding place.  If only you could get a similar advantage to find fish on your favorite lake …

Spoiler alert – you can. You can get Insight Genesis. Continue reading “Are you ‘digging’ in the wrong place?”