Important Structure Missing From Off-The-Shelf Maps

It’s easy to show areas of lakes that are un-mapped and then demonstrate the power of a mapping software to add coverage. But what about those areas where existing map chips have coverage? Do we need programs like Insight Genesis to help us map lakes that already have a map? That depends on how important you think great maps with key fishing holding structures are.

We believe this is one of the most important keys to finding fish and making the most of your time on the water.  Let’s take a look at an existing off-the-shelf map for Upper Cullen Lake in Minnesota:

Here’s a screen-grab of an off-the-shelf map chip chart of Upper Cullen Lake, in Minnesota.

Complete coverage, eh?  But is this map good enough? If we compare it to the outdated paper maps created with a lead line by the Minnesota DNR, the maps aren’t identical, but they are pretty similar — similar enough to illustrate that the off-the-shelf chip map is mostly just an electronic version of the old paper DNR map.

Do you think the map on the left look similar to the DNR Map on the right?

It’s great to have something like the DNR map on the boat, but can’t we do better? YOU BET! Check out the screen grab below of the same location on Upper Cullen Lake as mapped in high resolution by an Insight Genesis user.

Here's a map of the same area created with Insight Genesis
Here’s a map of the same area created with Insight Genesis

Drum roll, please . . . the comparison is incredible. Important structure is no where to be seen on the off-the-shelf map on the left.

Points that only show up on the Insight Genesis map can be key spots for holding fis

If electronics are an important part of your fish-finding routine, you’re probably already running a Lowrance unit.  If maps are an important part of your fishing success, isn’t it worth the effort to ensure you’re using the best maps on the planet?  Create your own custom maps with Insight Genesis and start fishing those prime fish-holding structures on your favorite lake — instead of boating right over them, because the map you’re using didn’t show it was there.

Create a free Insight Genesis account here and enjoy all the benefits of fishing with custom maps:

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