Are you ‘digging’ in the wrong place?

Remember why Indiana Jones got to the Ark of the Covenant a step ahead of the bad guys? They were digging in the wrong place!

If your fishing buddies are catching limits when you’re getting skunked, it could be for a similar reason – you’re digging … er, fishing … in the wrong place. Could be you’ve got a bad map.

Recall that in “Raiders,” the bad guys had, essentially, a bad map – only one side of the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra. But with both sides of the headpiece, Indy had the map he needed to locate, with precision accuracy, the Ark’s hiding place.  If only you could get a similar advantage to find fish on your favorite lake …

Spoiler alert – you can. You can get Insight Genesis.

“We put about 55 Lake Michigan walleye in the boat in a three-day span, the biggest of which was 31 inches,” reports Wisconsin firefighter Brian Wojciechowski, a Lowrance Pro-Staffer. “We were catching tons of fish and other guys 50 yards away from us weren’t getting anything.”

Those other guys were digging in the wrong place. They didn’t have Insight Genesis maps. (Blog post continues below the embedded video)

Wojciechowski’s group was fishing in the right place – a small hump he found on a custom map he made easily with Insight Genesis. That fish-holding spot and others equally productive – including several small inside turns – “don’t appearon any map chip made,” Wojciechowski explains. That’s why he was fishing in the right places and others weren’t. After loading his custom Genesis map onto an SD card and onto his Lowrance HDS unit, he was able to drive directly to several spot-on-the-spots and start catching walleyes.

“We were pulling three, four fish off these little spots every time we’d pass back and forth,” Wojciechowski says. “Walleyes will sit on these little areas and put on the feedbag. We just had to find the spot on the spot.”

Those productive spots measured only about 50 yards by 50 yards, Wojciechowski estimates.

Wisconsin firefighter Brian Wojciechowski, a Lowrance Pro-Staffer, uses custom insight Genesis maps to find and catch big Lake Michigan walleyes, like this one.

“These areas are so small that other lake maps and map cards don’t show them,” he explains. “But Genesis picked them right out and I knew exactly where they were. I had waypoints set on them and we’d just troll back and forth, picking fish up off of that little tiny area that only we knew was there. I wouldn’t know that stuff was there if I didn’t have the Genesis map I made.”

Insight Genesis is a cloud-based service that empowers anglers to locate fish-holding structure on detail-rich, custom maps of the lakes they fish – no matter how big or small. With Insight Genesis, you make your custom maps with sonar data recorded with your own transducer.

“There’s areas on lakes that I’ve fished for the past 10, 15 years, that I didn’t know were there until I recorded sonar logs and loaded them into Insight Genesis,” Wojciechowski says. “You never even know they are there until you do this. And the nice thing is that it’s easy.”

With both a free and Premium Genesis account, you can create and save unlimited custom maps that feature high-resolution contour lines adjustable to 10, 5, 3, and 1-foot increments. These high-def contours are much more accurate than the estimated contours on many off-the-shelf digital and paper maps – probably why those guys fishing 50 yards from Wojciechowski were getting skunked. Premium Genesis subscribers can create both custom bottom-hardness maps and vegetation maps – something no other custom-mapping tool can do.

Brian Wojciechowski Fireman
Lowrance Pro-Staffer Brian Wojciechowski works hard serving the public with the Cudahy Fire Department. He fishes as often as he can on his days off. His Genesis maps have helped him make the most of his valuable time on the water.

Both Premium and free-account Genesis users will get access to the soon-to-be-released Insight Genesis Social Map. Built on a base layer of existing contour data, Social Map will be updated continuously, in near real-time, with sonar data contributed by the Genesis community. Community sourcing makes mapping easy – many hands make for light work – so you can give a little to get a lot. Premium subscribers can choose to contribute sonar data to Social Map, or opt instead to mark their maps as private, for personal use only. No matter which option you choose, your trails, waypoints and other personal data is always kept private.

“If you map out an area that you want to keep private, you can keep that private through Genesis and just make a map card for yourself,” Wojciechowski explains. “None of your waypoints or trails are ever used for making maps.”

Wojciechowski works hard serving the public with the Cudahy Fire Department. He fishes as often as he can on his days off. “I’m out there pounding away as much as I can,” he says. His Genesis maps have helped him make the most of his valuable time on the water, allowing him to spend less time digging in the wrong place and more time catching fish in the right places.

“It’s helped me big time,” he says. “It’s helped me put fish in the boat, for sure.”

For more information about Insight Genesis watch the video below and visit the website at