Introducing Insight Genesis Social Map

Minnesota-Wisconsin Social Map DotsAs many of you know,  Insight Genesis is a cloud-based software solution that allows anyone to quickly turn recorded sonar logs (SLG and SL2) into beautiful contour maps complete with vegetation and bottom-hardness layers with no additional effort.  All of the heavy lifting is done by powerful cloud servers to automatically create maps in minutes.  What many don’t know is that Genesis offers a “BEST OF BOTH WORLDS” private or public option.  And now we’re announcing why . . .

We’ve made it a priority to allow you to keep your data private at upload but the powerful nature of the cloud allows us to work together to map lakes by combining public data uploaded to the system.  That combined user data layer is coming available in the upcoming release of SOCIAL MAP.  Finally, an answer to all the questions about why Genesis public data is valuable.  This is for you!

social map
Social Map starts with the Lake Insight basemap and is continuously replaced by public data from the Genesis Community. View any lake with data, help improve existing maps, and create new ones.

We’re excited to announce the upcoming global release of the innovative Social Map layer from Insight Genesis, our first chance to share how we’re using public Genesis uploads to improve maps for all.   Available in both the free and premium subscriptions, we’re soft launching this amazing feature early as a “Beta” and we’re looking for comments from our global community of Genesis users.   The whole idea is that we’re in this together.

community 3v2

Genesis and Social Map – The Future of Maps and Mapping

Genesis will create a database of your days on the water and use your recorded sonar logs to automatically create maps that can be used to find spots on the spot.  It’s an easy way to track your days of successes and failures, so you can plan for more successes in the future when you quickly learn the sub-surface terrain.

You can combine all of your data collected over time into a merged map that can be put back on your Lowrance or Simrad unit.  This is your personal data merged map.  Trips from different areas of the same water body can be combined for better coverage.  Fill in the gaps overtime, and a full map  will be created without extra effort.  Just record sonar logs!

community 1v2
Your personal data merged into a single map

In addition, public data uploaded to Genesis will be constantly updating existing Insight maps to help improve angling and enjoyment on the water.  Private uploads remain private to the user.  Best of both worlds!

Introducing Social Map – Give a Little, Get A Lot

Now we’re taking Genesis to the next level.  INTRODUCING THE UPCOMING SOCIAL MAP.  To be released this summer, this is the first announcement of why a cloud software is king.  We’re offering the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS in a BETA launch of the social map.  With a premium subscription you can keep your uploads 100% private or mark them as public and contribute to the community of Genesis users who are working together to create the best maps on the face of the planet!

Social Map starts with the Insight Basemap in grey and continuously snips out portions that are overwritten with public community uploads.  This community data is a combination of all public uploads to the same water body and displayed in blue-scale.  Although this is a global launch the US will start with the most complete basemap starting point with more countries coming soon.   The faster it grows, the faster the base layers will be replaced with Genesis community data which is more accurate and in higher detail than is available anywhere in the world.  Each time you make you Genesis uploads public you’ll be improving the Social Map for the greater good of all boaters.  By working together you’ll have the option to get the best map possible before you head out to that new body of water.  But, this only works if we all contribute.  Give a little, get a lot!!

community 5v2
See the Areas Where you Uploaded Public Data and it Compares to Existing Maps Grey areas are Lake Insight and Blue areas are public Genesis data. See how your data matches up.

A comparison of existing maps for this lake and the actual contours shows an amazing difference with important characteristics that could influence fish behavior and be key holding spots for fish!  Updated contours on inland and coastal waterbodies can play a key roll in better boating and sailing safety.

It’s always amazing to compare the Insight database before Genesis and the updated map with public Genesis uploads.  There are some major spots that are missing from the old maps.  If data is collected with big spaces between paths estimations will miss true structure like this.   The same is true from old, outdated maps.  1 foot contours isn’t as important as trip spacing in the data collection effort.   Genesis Social Map will allow us to create a database of accurate maps that are consistently updated overtime by a community of people working together.

Don’t want to contribute to Social Map?  No problem.  Just mark your uploads private and they won’t be added, but check out the difference a little effort makes:

community combine

Every 24 hours the social map will be sent back for processing with all public data that has been uploaded to Genesis for a most up-to-date map.  Our quality control team reviews each updated map to ensure the data is always the highest quality.  We have the ability to cross compare trips and match the data up with sonar logs to confirm outputs!

Put The Social Map On Your Sonar Chartplotter

Social map is the first opportunity for us to show why public data is for the public good.  These log files are not for a company, they’re for the loyal community of Lowrance Simrad and B&G users!  As always, with a premium subscription, you’ll be able to quickly put the maps back on your unit for use on the water.   Black contours are the Lake Insight layer and purple shows the updated Genesis Social Map layer.  You can include or exclude the social layer when you download the map.  It’s all up to you.

Social Map on the unit

Social map will be soft launched as a BETA early this summer with an anticipated full launch later this season.  We wanted to release it for use by our community and solicit feedback.  We’re in this together!  Let’s make great maps and all become better anglers and boat enthusiasts.

Be sure to check this blog often for the most up to date feature releases and Social Map updates.  This is a direct link between Genesis developers and you!

8 thoughts on “Introducing Insight Genesis Social Map

    1. When Social Map Beta launches (soon), anyone with an Insight Genesis account/subscription will have access. When the beta launches, we will announce it here.

  1. So maybe I’m reading this wrong, but this is what I’m hearing.
    I’m going to use my gas and time to survey a lake so I can have an advantage, but then you are either going to give this data away or sell it to create maps for the general public. Not only that but I have to spend $99 dollars a year to do this.

    Please tell me I’m wrong!


    1. Hi Rene, There is no reason to spend extra money on gas, just log your sonar while you’re fishing and you’ll be mapping. There is no cost to create maps with Insight Genesis or access the community maps created in the Social Map. This is free community data. If we all contribute public data to the Social Map, better maps will be available that we can all access on lakes across the globe. The model doesn’t work with those that just want to take without giving back. For $99 you get vegetation/weeds and bottom hardness layers mapped for you. You can also keep data private if you’d like and it won’t be combined with other public user data in The Social Map so the advantage will be all yours. Give a little, get a lot.

  2. I have an elite 7 hdi. I played with downloading a map yesterday that someone charted the whole bank of the lake. When i put it on my unit, i dont get the contour lines like i do with the viewing it online. What am i doing wrong?

    1. Brad: Blue-scale depth shading is not yet an Insight Genesis feature for Elite units. It is, however, something being considered for a future upgrade. — Regards, Greg Huff

  3. Hi
    Right I am now getting a headache.
    Please tell me in as much detail as possible how I download a social map on to my plotter.
    HDS7 Gen 2.
    Many thanks in despair.

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