An updated Social Map chart for your Favorite Waterbody is now available for download

Hello #CustomerName#,

Good news! One or more of your Favorite Waterbodies has been updated in the C-MAP Genesis Social Map with additional acreage. Log in to your C-MAP Genesis dashboard today to view and download an updated Social Map chart for the following waterbodies:


Remind me how to download my updated map … 

If you are already logged into your C-MAP Genesis account when you view Social Map at, you will see in the pop-up box for a selected waterbody a “Download” button/link. If you are not already logged into your account, you will see in the pop-up box a “log in” button/link. After logging in, you will see the “Download” button/link.

You’ll recall that downloading a chart from Social Map is a process that entails first downloading a zipped/compressed folder containing five individual map-creation files, un-zipping/extracting those files and saving them onto a SD or mini-SD card for insertion and use in a compatible Lowrance, Simrad or B&G sonar/GPS chartplotter. If you’d like a refresher on this process, click HERE for step-by-step instructions.

Remind me why I received this email …

You opted to utilize a C-MAP Genesis feature that enables you to select and follow Favorite Waterbodies in Social Map and receive weekly updates about increased acres mapped on them.

Remind me how I can record and upload sonar data to contribute additional mapping to Social Map charts …

Social Map is a free, global, online collection of inland and coastal C-MAP Genesis charts generated by the Lowrance, Simrad Yachting and B&G communities of fishing, cruising, and sailing enthusiasts. Anyone with a C-MAP Genesis account can download Social Map charts to an SD card for use on the water in a compatible chartplotter.  Sonar data that you record and upload to Social Map is like a “puzzle piece” that’s added to complete the full picture of the bottom structure on your favorite waterbody.

Thank you for being an important part of the C-MAP Genesis Social map community. Enjoy finding and catching more and bigger fish soon with your updated Social Map chart(s).